[GD: Fallout New Vegas #1] Who Shot My Head?!

It has been one week since I last received that fateful job. To deliver an almost normal looking package, which turned out to be the exact opposite. And in that one week, a lot has happened. I've been shot in the head, survived that, and found my memory shaken up pretty good. I still remember my name though, but other details such as my life before this and how I have been seem murky at best. Like I'm a new person.

Yet strangely enough, something is pushing me me to go after the person who tried to take my life, despite how much I tell myself that there is absolutely no reason to. I would only land myself in deeper trouble that I had already bargained for if I do that. I'm only a god-damned courier for crying out loud, not some hero.

caught in a post apocalyptic wasteland that i did not ask for

Still the voice inside my head was something that I could not ignore, so from the small town of Goodsprings I have journeyed to other settlements such as Primm and Nipton, and now I find myself in another town called Novac. The shot to my head must have done something peculiar to my abilities as well too. I no longer feel like the small time courier that I had been previously, but somehow I have become something like a peacekeeper in every town that I stepped in. 

In Goodpsrings I helped them rid the threat of escaped convicts, while in Primm I evicted the same said convicts and even found the town a sheriff. And just recently I helped eliminate the threat of ghouls for the people of Novac, at the same time sending those ghouls into a spiritual journey that they asked for. Not to mention helping to correct the power supply problem for the rest of the area in the Helios Solar Power plant. Tasks that seem next to impossible as compared to my previous courier job, and yet somehow I am accomplishing them all. Something that I had no way of doing back then.

and i became a rocket scientist overnight too

I've got my own room now in Novac, a place where I could bunker down and rest from all the colourful drama happening around me. Still, the Mojave wasteland is an unforgiving place, especially so with all the fighting going around. The shot to my head seemed to have steer my life in a different direction, as I find myself getting more than involved in all the events that are happening around me. Perhaps it was my destiny all along to be better than a courier, and that shot seemed to have started the path.

I am going to get some rest now, before continuing my journey to hunt down person who changed my life. I have a feeling that this is going to be something bigger than I had imagined.


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