[GD: CSGO] What The?

So after like years of not playing Counter Strike (since the days when I was still wearing uniform to school), I decided to be insanely brave by stepping into the fast paced FPS game again. Only to ge constantly greeted by this in every single game.

Like EVERY single game.

Not that I'm not used to it though. Getting myself killed in one shot as I was happily prancing around isn't exactly a new phenomena. AWP wielding players that camp in one spot have always been the bane of mine, ending your game before you even have a chance to fire a bullet.

Just that this time, there seemed to be a lot more AWP sniping players and I happened to be the only idiot running around with a AK47. Or an SMG, when I don't have enough cash. Or a handgun, when the situation gets even more dire. Yes, I get killed so often without killing anyone until I am only left with enough money to buy a handgun.

And is that someone scolding my mum?


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