At the End of Everything #28

I slowly stirred awake the next day, awakened by a bright light trying to get into my eyes. In the midst of our passionate moment yesterday, the both of us forgot to close the curtains to the room. Now the bright morning sunlight shone into the room, heralding a brand new Saturday morning. The room felt cool, with a hint of perfume hanging in the air.

I slowly took in my surroundings, and realized that what happened yesterday was not a dream. Pressed gently against me, underneath the thick bed cover, was Sharry. She was still soundly asleep, breathing blissfully with her arms wrapped around me. I gently stroked her hair, as I admired her beautiful face up close. I have never been so close to her before, and was savouring the moment any way I can. 

A strange feeling of sadness began to slowly crept up on me as I sat there, my fingers slowly brushed against her hair. I knew that this what we have now was only for a short period of time, because after all, she was here for a business trip. Eventually she has to return to London. And it was something that I did not look forward to. 

I laid back down on the bed, and pulled Sharry closer to me. She let out a soft murmur as her head rubbed against my chest. I soaked in the moment, while thoughts about our relationship played in my mind. If anything were to happen between us, it would definitely be a long distance relationship. It was a fantasy that I indulged in.

Realistically speaking though, I was far from the candidate that she would want to spend the rest of her life with. She was a high flier, travelling the globe as part of her work, while I was only a teacher who got his idea rejected just yesterday. It was hard to imagine the two of us starting a life together. But still it was was something that I wanted. My hands were rubbing her shoulder now, enjoying the smooth sensation of her skin.

“Hmm…” Sharry turned her head towards. Her eyes began to open slowly, and then blinked several times at me. “Hey, there,” she said softly, her drowsy face lit up by her smile. She raised her hands towards me, as her fingers played with ears. I smiled back. If someone were to ever ask about how it feels to have an angel in your arms, this was as close as an experience as any. I felt my blood rushing inside of me again.

“Yesterday was crazy…” she began to say, but left her sentence hanging. She pulled her arms back, and turned to face the ceiling. Perhaps she was trying to find the right words for it. 

“I enjoyed it a lot,” I offered to finish her sentence, hoping that she would feel the same way as well. I shifted towards her, and slid my right hand underneath her head. “You know, I was thinking that we could do this more often.” 

She looked at me, and smiled again. But it was unlike the cheerful smile that she usually gave. Her blue eyes gleamed under the sunlight, turned downwards. “Oh, Jaren,” she said as she ran a finger across my chest. Her tone of voice betrayed her next sentence. “It’s such shame that today will be my last day in Singapore.”


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