At the End of Everything #27

Of all my years in Singapore, never before have I set foot into the Marina Bay Sands hotel, so called the jewel hotel in Singapore. Sharry’s cold palm led me through the grand door into the majestic lobby, beneath the glimmering chandelier lights. The air had a certain grandness to it, a whiff of class. I was amazed that her company allowed her to stay in such an expensive hotel, and more so curious about the exact nature of her work. The thought did not linger long though, at least not to the intoxicated me then. The attractive figure in front of me was all I could focus on. The touch of her palm, the scent that followed her. 

The both of us stumbled into the elevator, arms immediately wrapped around each other. We giggled like small kids with all our antics. Her blue eyes stared playfully at me, while her lips glistened under the orange elevator light. It was like giving in to gravity when I planted my lips on hers. She kissed me passionately back, as her tongue made its way into my mouth.

The elevator door closed, as she fumbled to insert her room’s keycard into the elevator slot. My fingers ran across her back, as my senses were filled by her. A part of me still found it hard to believe that I was actually experiencing all these. My hands made their way to her front, and pulled out her white office top. The elevator ascended upwards, as my hands made their way up towards her chest as well. It was my first experience making out in the elevator.

The elevator dinged as it reached the fifty third floor. Still in each other arms, we clumsily made our way out from the elevator and through the corridor, towards her room. 

“Rumf hundreft threfty,” she kept repeating, her words muffled in between our locked lips. It took us a whole ten minutes to reach her room amidst all the commotion. By the time we got the door open, her top was already half opened, and my belt undone. Slamming the door shut, she pushed me towards her bed, before throwing her bag and cardigan to the side. It felt like one of those romantic but NC16 Hollywood movies that Elaine used to watch, except now I was the lucky actor.

Sharry smiled seductively at me, as her fingers slowly began to undo the remaining buttons off her top. I could only gape in amazement as she unveiled the figure that laid underneath. Shaped like an hourglass, her body had the makings of a model. Her skin was white and smooth, and glowed under the hotel lights. I fell deeper under her spell as I sat there, admiring her body. 

She threw the top on the floor, and began to slowly unzip her skirt. Her fingers let the skirt slide slowly down her thighs, revealing her long smooth legs as she moved her hips in wavy motion. The air was getting tense around me, and I began to have difficulty breathing. A pair of purple lingerie was all that left on her body now, adorned with black lacing. Her tongue licked her lips, as she raised her hand and pointed at me. I could feel the inside of me melting, as her blue eyes pierced deep into me. Her index finger turned upwards, and it slowly began to motion me towards her.

It was something that I could take no more, and I rushed towards her. Both my hands grabbed her shoulders and I pulled her down unto the bed. She let off a playful laugh as I fumbled to take my clothes off. As my hand began to reach down to her thighs, and pulled off what laid beneath. She let off a soft moan, as her hands reached for my pants.

What happened next was a flurry of events, things that I would be ashamed to tell even Lucas. In a nutshell, she found out that I had no sexual experience before, at least not in the sense of what she used to experience. I was definitely not her first, but she was definitely mine. It was dreamlike though, how I gave my first time away. In a five stars hotel room with a model like girl. Sharry found this amusing, and even though I fumbled around, she was kind enough to guide me through the entire process.

When it was all finished, we were lying with each other on the bed, only our heavy breathing filled the room. “Wow,” was all I was able to mutter, as she smiled towards me. She laid her head on my chest, as I stroked her hair gently. Looking at the figure that was lying on me, I found a strange feeling popping in my heart. 

For a moment back there, I forgot about all the problems that I had. About my work, about Elaine, about everything. 

After we cooled down, Sharry climbed towards me. “Thanks for the night,” she whispered into my ears, and planted a kiss on my cheeks. 

I looked at her, and smiled gently smiled. My “I should be the one thanking you.”

She let out a soft chuckle, before putting her head back on my chest. Her hands wrapped around me, her soft skin touching mine. I finally gave in to the alcohol, and drifted off slowly to sleep.


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