At the End of Everything #22

“Would you like to drop by my hotel room tonight?” I kept re-reading the message, trying to convince myself that it was not a dream. “I am feeling a little bit lonely to be honest.” A beautiful girl was actually dropping hints on me. It was strangely exhilarating, but scary at the same time. Naturally, I turned to Lucas for advice. After all, he was the experienced one.

I asked him about his thoughts on the message, and whether I should meet up with Sharry. He looked at me wide eyed in response, as if I have asked the stupidest question in history. “What do you mean go or not? You’re single and available, and this is a hot girl we’re talking about. Heck any guy would be jumping into bed with her if given a chance, and here you’re afraid of what would happen after that?” Before I had any chance to retaliate, he was already chasing me out of the door.

“Go and enjoy life, because you only live once bro,” was his parting sentence. I should be excited, but I was far from it. Because one small little detail, which Lucas seemed to have forgotten about. I was still a virgin, with almost zero sexual experience. Despite my eight year relationship with Elaine. I was dead worried about how the night would turn out, with me being totally clueless about how this entire thing works.

Sharry sent me the message on a Friday morning, before I left for work. She wanted to meet on that Friday night itself. When Lucas did not offer any conclusive advice, I had no idea how to respond. The message was now sitting in the phone, read but not replied. For the rest of that Friday morning, I could not focus, the thought of the message lingered on my mind. 

I wondered where would tonight’s meetup lead to, and how it would changed the dynamics of our relationship. It seemed like a huge leap forward. What I had going during that time with Sharry was something that I treasured, and I was afraid the meetup would destroy it. On the other hand, I was afraid that I was overthinking it. What if we were only going to talk with nothing more?

As things would turn out, something else was going to take my mind of Sharry for the rest of the day.


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P/s: Merry Christmas everyone!


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