At the End of Everything #20

“Would you like to drop by my hotel room tonight? I am feeling a little bit lonely to be honest.”

In my past six months of using the online dating app, I have heard countless stories of guys sleeping with girls using the app, but I had nothing close resembling the experience before. In fact, it was the first time that I have ever had a girl made such a move on me. While some would jump at such an opportunity, I found myself a little bit unused to it. It was something to be happy and excited about, but I found myself staring awkwardly at the message. After all, it has only been weeks since I have known her.

With her it started like everything, with the exception that she was not the type girl that I normally messaged. She stood out from my usual potential matches, her biggest eye catching feature was her blue eyes, fair skin and blonde hair. Her profile said that she was an expat, here for a business trip from the UK. Being a novelty here in Singapore, I expected that she would be getting a ton of attention from the guys here, and the chances of her actually giving any attention to me would be super slim. 

Still, there was no harm in trying my luck.  It would be fun to finally have a Caucasian girl as a friend, I thought. I dropped her a message, said hi, and asked about her life. “So, what’s a pretty Caucasian girl like you doing on the sunny island of Singapore?” I tried to sound smooth. I wondered if she would even give me message a look. I clicked send, and secretly wished that she would send me a reply.

A few days later a reply did came, when I have already forgotten that I sent her a message. “You’re a different guy,” the message simply read. There was no self introduction, no answer to my earlier message.

I was intrigued. “Different how?” I typed out my reply, deciding to keep it simple as well. 

“Most guys just asked me for sex in their first message, or they’re incredibly crude. You’re the first guy here in Singapore who asked me about my life. I like that,” she wrote. A smiley punctuated her message. My heart jumped as I read her message, elated at the thought that the actually thought positively of me. Little did I expect that I would actually impress an English girl.

“My name’s Sharry, by the way,” she introduced herself.

I entertained the thought of having an English girlfriend, and imagined how it would be like if I were to win her heart. I would be the source of envy for every guy around me. People would stare at us whenever we go out. Our babies will be cute and cuddly. Most importantly, I would be a very happy man. A really happy man. Someone who could die with no regrets. Lucas scoffed at my daydreams, saying that given the white culture worship that Singapore has, it would be incredibly difficult for me to gain her attention. I just thought that he was jealous.

Emboldened by my initial success with her, I offered to be her tour guide in Singapore, when she mentioned that there were not many places to visit on the island. ”I’ll prove you wrong,” I told her confidently in my message, hoping that that dash of confidence would spur her to accept my offer. And as luck would have it, she did. “Prove me wrong then,” she said simply. I almost went bananas when I saw that reply. 


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