Twenty Random Thoughts #161114: Not the end, but in the midst of it

1. I am still here. Though I have been extremely caught up with Nanowrimo. Missing a few days could really mean the end of you, which was why I went on a hermit writing mode. I managed to vomit out the words needed to be back on track, but do give me a while to spell check and edit before posting them out

2. One thing good that I found out from this year's Nanowrimo was the amount of people who actually read my story. And the amount of people who come to me and tell me that they enjoyed reading it. To all of you who encouraged me, thank you. Especially to a friend who said that it was like reading Nicholas Sparks 

3. And to everyone who asked whether the novel that I am writing now is real, I must apologize first for disappointing you. My life could never be as action packed as how the novel portrayed

4. It's nearing 2015 already, and I will be 25 next year. Quarter life crisis, here I come

5. Day X of Dota All Hero Challenge: I have no idea what I am doing anymore. I am at hero 83 now, but am somehow getting a little stressed out by everything

6. Dota games are very interesting, despite having a very basic gameplay. While not boasting any impressive graphics or storyline, it's the randomness that hooks people unto it. It's just such a shame that there are so many bullies in game. I mean I know a friend who is very mild mannered in real life, but when he plays Dota, fuh, a completely different person. Fierce and condescending and what nots

7. To all girls out there, if you really want to see the real side of your boyfriend or a guy you're interested in, see him play Dota. Or any multiplayer games, like Call or Duty or Battlefield. It's under the hood of anonymity that you get to see a person's true face

8. Why on earth did I decide to name this Twenty Random Thoughts instead of Ten?

9. Am I the only one here who is worried about the current developments around the world? I mean there's Russia and ISIS, and it seemed that US is the only country who is worried about all these. One wrong step and it could be World War 3 man

10. I told myself that I would never let myself get myself stuck in a work routine, but adulthood has a way of killing and sucking away your passion

11. Malaysia: The land of no more possibilities

12. 12am: The time where I can never sleep at, despite telling myself numerous times that I have to

13. Applying for a masters programme, when criteria states that you need an academic referee (ie a prof) and immediately regretting not being close with any profs during my schooling years

14. I have literally abandoned my Tinder and OKC account :)

15. Watched Interstellar and was like why is everyone so hyped out about this movie?

16. True I agree that while some effects and themes were quite cool, but the plot holes are way too jarring. Like super. Who the heck introduces a paradox at the end of the movie? Or some wishy washy magic tesseract. So disappointing

17. Interstellar also felt a lot like the movie Gravity, except this one has blackhole and wormhole. A lot of holes. Heh. If you get what I mean

18. Things I never get myself to do despite the urgency: Buy a micro SD card. Update resume. Make a video

19. Sunday: The day where you have dilemma whether to like it or to hate it

20. Point 20! Time to sleep


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