The Entertainer Dinner at Papasan, Dorsett Hotel

So last week I had the chance to be treated a scrumptious dinner at PappaSan, a modern contemporary restaurant located at Dorsett Hotel, just outside of Outram Park MRT station. 

le entrance to PappaSan

The dinner was a courtesy of the good people from The Entertainer, an awesome company that offers great one-for-one deals at more than 770 different locations in Singapore. From dining treats to spa experiences to even attractions tickets, it's quite a niche app/thing to have, if you are an adventurous person who enjoys good deals. Or if you're looking for new places or experiences to explore.

It was one of my first few experiences at such a high end restaurant, being a poor working salaryman myself, and I must say, it was quite an exciting dinner outing. PappaSan is one of the many participating merchants that are featured in The Entertainer publication, which means that you can enjoy deals at the restaurant too if you're able to obtain the app or the publication. 

Anyways, one of the first thing that really caught my eye during the night was the ambience of the restaurant itself, which felt very relaxing and cosy.  It's a good place to just chill and talk with your friends, over a couple of drinks or meal.

the interior of the place

Of course, as bloggers for the day, we were treated to something really special as well, which happened to be the few signature dishes of the restaurant itself. Best of all, we got to see the special unveiling of the respective dishes as well. First up on the menu was the Italian Mountain Baked Fish!

le italian mountain baked fish

I was not able to catch the unveiling of the baked fish itself, which was quite an explosive experience, literally, according to the other bloggers. But I was able to sample some of the meat, and I must say that the fish was quite fresh and baked to a juicy perfection. I'm not quite good with describing food, forgive me, as I am not a full fledged food blogger but it was suffice to say that the dish was delicious. Kinda awesome, how you can taste the different flavours that blended together with the fish.

Our second helping of the night, after the fish, was the eye catching Portuguese Whole Roast Suckling Pig. There were two whole suckling pigs, to be exact. 

hi, my name is pig

I was able to catch the unveiling ceremony for this dish, which was quite interesting, to say the least. It involves the breaking of the pig using a plate, and two lucky bloggers were chosen to be the ones smashing cutting(?) the pig for us, so we can eat it later.

our emcee explaining to the blogger about the whole process

and there we go with the breaking of the pig!

I never knew that you could cut up a roasted pig using just a plate. The whole process seemed quite thrilling as well, judging from how the two bloggers were enjoying themselves as they were bringing down the plate on the pig. And at the end of it, as a token for good luck, they were required to smash the plate that they used on the floor. Who knew cutting up suckling pigs could be so destressing?

one suckling pig, ready for serving

the plates which were smashed into a dozen pieces

Served together with mantou, the suckling pig was delicious as well, especially if you eat both of them together. The skin was crispy and the meat juicy, though like any other roasted pigs, you might want to avoid areas of the pig that are too oily or fatty. Still it was nice, especially since the meat is not as tough as some roasted meat, and you can taste the fragrance of the meat itself.

But of course, my favorite dish for the day was the dessert that was served right at the very end. The chocolate lava cake, topped with slices of mango. We had a live demonstration by the chef who prepared a hot steaming mango sauce for the cake itself, and you could feel your mouth water as you observe the entire process.

the sugar was melted and the mango slices were added in

The end product, however, was even more mouth watering.

how can one not go goey from the sight of this?

I have eaten chocolate lava cake countless of times before, but never had I tried it with mango. Being a mango fan as well as a chocolate lover, you could say that this is my kind of best of both worlds. The sourness of the mango mixed together with the warm chocolate sauce in the cake, that's the closest you can get to food heaven, at least for me. In fact, I took two helpings of the cake just because I could not get enough of one.

I'm a happy man, though i don't seemed quite happy here

The cake can get a bit sweet though, with all the sugar around, but if you have a sweet tooth like me, it's quite the treat.

All in all it was quite an awesome experience, being treated to an awesome dinner by The Entertainer and PappaSan. Of course, PappaSan is not participating merchant in The Entertainer, so you might want to check out their website or Facebook page for more information. The 2015 version of the Entertainer will be launched soon as well, where you can get an all year round one-for-one deal around Singapore just through one medium. Quite a deal, if you ask me, so be sure to keep an eye for it.

As for PappaSan, they offer different items in their menu as well in addition to what we sampled for the night, and if you're looking for a place to just drink and chill, it's a good place to be considered too. In addition to that, they also have different types of promotion that you can check on their website

Do make sure to check them out!


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