So McDonalds Learned Nothing

You would think that after the Hello Kitty fiasco a few years back, McDonalds would have been smarter to not try to bring back any of the limited edition toy promotion again. Because it just encourages and brings out the worst in Singaporeans. But nope, seems like they did not, with this latest One Piece promotion.

Yes, you read it right. Only 100 pieces per store. Somehow I have a feeling that they would want to see scenes like this happening all over again:

I mean I don't understand the logic behind the whole move. I mean McDonalds is supposed to be a fast food restaurant, not a toy collectors supplier. What do you hope to possibly get by selling limited edition items again? So that greedy people will take and sell it online while true One Piece fans will not be able to get it? Why do you want to introduce long queues that seek to bore and irritate your potential customers? Are you looking to be an Apple Store?

At least the figurines are not limited edition, I guess.


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