At the End of Everything #7

“Let’s meet up some other time!” I smiled to myself when I read the text. Rarely do I get a text from a girl immediately after a dinner. Outside of the train, the moon duly hung in the sky, while the bored looking street lamps illuminated the road. The small digital clock on the top right hand corner of my phone indicated that it was already 11 pm, a time where I would already be asleep by usually.

My entire body felt lethargic, my eyes heavy. The dinner went great, thankfully, as we talked and talked and talked. We laughed, we joked. I enjoyed myself in my presence, I felt that she was having the good time as well. I had initially wanted to skip the meal, as work had been frustrating that day. Luckily, I made the right decision. We went for a walk after that, along the bridge that linked Sentosa Island to the rest of Singapore, right up to the southern beaches on the island. Both us did not realize that we have already walked so far in the midst of our conversation. It was only after I said goodbye to her did I notice how tired my legs felt.

There was still work the next day, and I dreaded every thought of it. The rebellious teenagers, the principal who was constantly lost in her own world and a system who did not care less for a neighbourhood school irked me. I started out being a teacher hoping that I would educate the youths of tomorrow, imparting them with both knowledge and wisdom. Perhaps make the world a better place. But a bunch unappreciative noisy students, along with their equally unappreciative and overprotective parents, can certainly put a dent in even the brightest aspirations sometimes.

My fingers moved across the screen, a part of me being happy that at least I have something to look forward to right now. “Sure, when?” I wondered  clicked send, and saw two arrows immediately appearing next to my message.

“Lets go kayaking then, it was something that you have always wanted to try right?” I smiled even more. She remembered what I have told her earlier, about my love for outdoor activities, and how much I have always wanted to try out kayaking in Singapore.

My message reflected the joy that I was feeling. “Alright! That’s totally awesome! This Sunday then?” I felt like jumping in the train, as I anxiously waited for her reply. The cynical part of me doubted whether the kayaking trip will really happen. Everything seemed too good to be true.

My phone beeped, and a green icon popped up with her name on it. I held my breath as I unlocked my phone. It reminded me of the days when I received my exam results back. “Sure. What time shall me meet? :)”

I could not stop grinning for the rest of the night after that. And I certainly could not wait for Sunday to come, the day we agreed to kayak. Just me and her.


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P/s: I think I'm getting sick


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