This guy decided to make fun of click bait article titles in his Facebook status, what happened next was simply unbelievably hilarious.

Number 10 made me rolled on the floor laughing.

Take a scroll down your Facebook wall today and you'll be sure to find tons of links with click bait titles. Titles that describe an event and immediately follow up with a sentence such as " won't believe what happened next" or "...what took place after broke my heart". Some of us may have gotten tired of such click bait links already, thinking that we don't need other people to shove what they think down our brain, and this guy managed to sum the click bait phenomena perfectly through his Facebook status.

It's even funnier to see how his friends joined in the fun as well.

Don't you agree that click bait titles have overstayed their welcome?


  1. This is hilarious! =) Way better than those click-bait headlines. Bravo!


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