The Dota All Hero Challenge #Day33: Am I there yet?

There have been ups, there have been downs. Mostly downs. When you're so close to winning a game, only to have it crumbled before your eyes over a silly mistake. Teammates whom from the start you know will only be a burden. Heroes whom you know makes you a burden to the team. Still, slowly but surely, you chip away at the number of remaining heroes. One game at a time. And now, I am finally past the middle mark. Who knew DOTA had so many heroes in it?

One thing that I realized that when I told myself that I am going to complete the challenge is that how I completely underestimated the commitment required by the challenge. Even if you win one game for each hero, which is near impossible, it would still take 108 games to clear every single hero. And that's 54 hours gone if you assume that each game takes half an hour. But given how the average games completion is 216 games, that's already 108 hours there. Almost 5 days there. That long.

And now that I have started working, time is no longer a excess commodity, and the second thing that I quickly realized that telling yourself that you would complete a challenge like this is gonna make your life miserable, because when you have only two hours per night for yourself, it is SUPER hard to have enough time to clear this thing. And because I suddenly find myself in an obsession over this, other aspects of my life like blogging has taken a beating. But I just cannot stop D: 

I have you Valve.


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