NaNoWriMo Year Two


So I've decided to try out NaNoWriMo again this year. It will be the second time for me this time, after churning out a error filled zombie apocalypse story last year. Of course I don't foresee this year is gonna be any easier, with all the pure word vomit sessions that I had last year, but instead of just writing any garbage, my goal this year would be to actually send the manuscript to publishers. Yes, my aim this year would be to publish a novel (depending on whether the publisher accepts the story, that is, but at least I want to send it in).

Of course, the entire process would be tough and demanding. With 1666.7 words that one needs to write in a day, the entire process literally forces you to become a social recluse for a whole month. But I've told myself that I am going to do it, no matter how tough it takes this time. I even made two promises to myself, and they are 1.) I will post at least an update, no matter how long or short once per day and 2.) I would read each post at least once to check for error before posting it (because I don't wanna go through proof reading of an entire novel in one go)

And if you're someone who interested in something like this too, I'm looking for a writing buddy! Because it will be easier to write when you have someone pushing you forward. But I am going to cheat a little by starting to write the story from tomorrow onwards and if you're interested to join, do let me know!


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