At the End of Everything #Prologue


I stared at Lucas, trying to determine whether he was serious. He was flashing that cheeky grin of his, which usually happens when he has a crazy idea in his head. We were sitting in a busy cafe at Haji Lane, popular for its Spanish themed restaurants and unique cafes. The night sky hung above us, the moon barely visible behind some clouds.

"Why not? It's been like five months since you last broke up, and she already has a new boyfriend. You, on the other hand, is still too busy moping to move on with life." I glanced at our table, my attention caught momentarily by the puddle of water forming beneath our beer bottles. I find myself unable to disagree with Lucas.

The 'she' that he was mentioning was none other than my ex girlfriend, Elaine. We have been dating since we were both 19, back when we were still naive university students. We were planning to settle down eventually, but because of a stupid mistake I made, our plans came not to be. An eight year relationship, ruined over some misguided passion and lust. 

A few months after the breakup, she was already with someone new. It was not surprising, considering how popular she has been. Guys used to line up just for her, metaphorically speaking, of course. She got together with her hometown friend, who has been chasing her for like forever. Me, on the other hand, ended up in a worse position that I had initially hoped. It turns out that if a girl can cheat on her boyfriend for you, she can cheat on you too with another guy.

"I don't know man." I picked up the half empty bottle in front of me and took a sip of the remaining beer inside, considering what Lucas had said. Online dating? To meet new people? How could it not be a joke? Lucas knew how badly I viewed online dating. To me, the relationships from there seemed to lack the value of face to face interactions, and I doubted the sincerity and the durability of such relationships. Prejudiced, I know, but I cannot just seem to wrap idea of forming a relationship so quickly without first going through the traditional friendship.

Sensing my uncertainty, Lucas tried to reassure me. "Look I am only trying to help. You have been stuck in this self-pity shell for far too long. You complain about not having the chance to meet someone else, and yet everyday without fail you lock yourself at home like a hermit. So I'm merely suggesting the easiest way for you to meet new people."

In a way, Lucas does have a point. When you have already spent eight years with the same person, life would inevitably feel different when that person is no longer there. It was like a void suddenly opening up in the middle of your existence, and you are left wondering on how to live life as a single individual again. In my case, life became a dull routine of work and computer gaming, repeating itself in a monotonous cycle day after day. And it was Lucas who heard the most complaints.

"I... suppose I can." I looked at the people passing by us, wondering if I really could.

"That's good to hear. You should always be unafraid to try out new things, I tried it out and it worked great for me. Besides, what's the worst that can happen? Cheers man." Lucas raised his bottle to me, giving that grin of his again. 

I looked at Lucas, who always seemed to be cheerful. Sometimes it is hard not to admire his childlike optimism, though he may get outrageous ideas along the way. I reluctantly raised my bottle to his, forcing out a smile. "Cheers."

Perhaps Lucas was right. What could go wrong anyway?


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