At the End of Everything #2

Join the world’s best free dating site. I laughed when I first saw the first line that greeted me on the dating website that Lucas asked me to join. I told him how ridiculous it sounded, and how people who claim that they are the best are not usually so.

“Come on, stop being a whiny kid and just try it,” came his curt reply.

Aside from the cheesy tagline, the site looked slick to me and I did promise Lucas to at least use it for a couple of weeks. Two other drop down boxes hung directly below the tagline, asking me to state why I was there. One let me chose my gender, the other the gender that I am looking for.

“I am a male… looking for a female,” I clicked the options, and pressed enter.

Before I knew it, I was looking at an empty profile of myself, along with the username that I had chosen. A pop up on the right encouraged me to fill my profile in, saying something along the line of a filled in profile would have a higher chance of getting a match. There were a few different sections for me to describe myself, ranging from a self-summary to personal interests, as well as other interesting sections that asked me to define the perfect Friday night and who do I want to message me. Of course, there was the picture section as well, placed right on top of the profile, where I could upload up to five different pictures of myself.

Seems like looks is still the most important factor after all, I thought.

I didn’t have any idea of what to put in to my profile yet, so I wandered to the section where the site displayed the potential matches that were available to me. As the page loaded and coughed out the results, I found myself staring at rows upon rows of different girls, their photos smiling back at me. Their screen name, age and location were displayed below the photo, and up above the results I could customize the different search options that I wanted. It was like Google, only that I was now searching for potential mates. No wonder Lucas was so hyped up about it.

I clicked on the picture of a fairly decent looking girl, whom had a face closely resembling a Korean superstar. Might as well start now, I guess. I was then brought to her profile page, with two other photos of herself. Both of them were selfies too, one with her back facing a river and the other of her lying on a bed, winking towards the camera. Just like her main picture, she looked pretty in both the pictures, with her fair skin, sharp chin and a pair of mesmerizing eyes. My heart gave an excited squeal in response.

Under her self-summary however, there was only a one liner introduction of herself. “Just a simple girl,” was all it had to say. Looking at her pictures on the other hand, made my heart race. My mouse hovered to the button that read “Message Her”, and lingered there for a moment. It was funny how the prospect of sending a virtual message to a girl suddenly made me nervous. I clicked on it, and an empty text box popped up next to her pictures.

As I thought about what message to send to her, my mind started to wander off by itself. It began to imagine how she would later turn out to be the one that I was waiting for, my soulmate all along. Hollywood like scenarios began to pop up in my mind, as I pictured us holding hands together, walking along a stretch of white sandy beach whilst the sun set behind us. I could hear the cries of all our cute children, three of them, calling us “Papa” and “Mama” happily. How great that love story would turn out to be.

Hastily, I typed out a message, saying “Hi” and “Nice to meet you” on the white text box. I even added in a little smiley at the end of it, just to appear friendly. And then I clicked send, wondering how she would reply. I was eager for it.

But the reply never came.


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