Twenty Random Thoughts #260914: Taiwan! And the less glamorous

1. I won't be blogging for a fair bit, I foresee, so here's me trying to cook up a random blog post just for catching up sake. It's been a while, don't you think?

2. Hurray, 12 more hours and I will be in Taipei! Eh no, 16 hours I mean. 12 hours I'll be flying off. Can't believe that I am going to sit 4 hours in the plane. Think my 8 hours bus journey back to my hometown has trained me well

3. First trip out of Southeast Asia! Genuinely excited and nervous. Still can't believe how lucky I am to have my accommodation sponsored by Forte Hotel Group. Some ask me why the air tickets are not also sponsored, but I sincerely think that having your accommodation sponsored is already quite cool, taking away 50% of your worries

4.  Did I say I was nervous? I still am, a lot. Honestly not the person who enjoys stepping out of the comfort zone, especially going to a totally new place. But I guess I shan't complain anymore and just take the leap of faith. Whee!

5. They say that writers are generally better well off than most people, which is why I guess even though I consistently scored high on the neuroticism scale on the Big 5 personality test, I am still somehow surviving and not depressive

6. I guess everything kinda makes sense now, because during moments that I was the most down and emotional, writing has always helped me brace through the storm. It's therapeutic, to be honest

7. Am I glad that the younger me decided to get started on a random diary page the day I got dumped by my first love. I wonder what was the influencing factor that made me do that? Must give thanks to the person

8. With almost one piece of writing per day, I guess I must be the happiest person on earth

9. Did I say how much I hate packing? And unpacking?

10. My OKC writeup: Professional OKC user. Professional kids chaser. Professional sleeper. Professional self-deluded writer. Professional narcissist. Professional slow jogger. Professional food addict

11. I used to hate internet/online dating apps, but after a while, I must say that I stand corrected

12. Not that I met anyone special though, but it's just interesting all the people you meet there

13. I said I was going to blog about OKC right? Anyone wants to read shit like that anyway? If there's one person who said yes maybe I'll do it. If not it's just airing your dirty laundry where no one wants to smell it

14. Hero number 38 in Dota All Hero Challenge! STILL. SUCH. A. LONG. WAY. TO. GO

15. Heroes that I am afraid I would absolutely take 100 games to clear: Techies. WHY TECHIES WHY

16. Hardest hero so far? Broodmother and Skywrath Mage, both taken 8 games each to clear

17. My name's Luke and I am lonely. And bad in luck. Not as charismatic as most guys out there

18. I am itching to DOTA. But I need to sleep

19. Considering whether to bring my laptop with me

20. Nah, Not enough cabin space after all. How heavy is 7kg, anyway?


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