Twenty Random Thoughts #240914: Hot D:

1. It's raining heavily outside, but I'm sweating heavily in my room. I cannot compute the logic of the weather in Singapore. Or perhaps my own room has its own weather system

2. The picture used for this blog post is totally a link bait, and has nothing to do with whatever I am writing. Except the fact that I may want her to be my girlfriend, that is

3. Got pulled to attend a "meeting" with a financial consultant two weeks ago, which turned out to be quite an interesting meeting. Reinforced my perception that we are worrying too much about money, and yet we cannot not worry about it lest we go bankrupt or something one day

4. Financial consultant impressed with my ability to spend more than 500 dollars on food alone each month, and forsake the need to buy other things, such as new clothes. I have a golden mouth I guess

5. Speaking of clothes, my clothes have been getting old, and I guess it's time to restock my wardrobe. Starting to miss my mum because she'd be the one chasing me to buy new clothes every time. I'm lazy, but yet I still want to look good, so I guess I might try the New Look online for men as my new clothes source

6. If only Eve had not eaten the apple, and we'd all be nude right now, without having to worry about buying clothes

7. Winning DOTA through public matchmaking isn't a question about skill, but rather statistical probability

8. Finding true love is also a matter of statistical probability

9. Judging by the amount of luck I have been having recently, it seems like I have a long way to go before I'm able to find true love or win a match in DOTA


11. I love Emma Watson, but she'll never love me :(

12. Entertaining this thought to visit Germany next year :)

13. I think looking at pretty girl photos have this effect of boosting your health or something. I don't know. I've been feeling quite happy since I put that girl's photo above

14. Thinking of changing this blog's layout/design too, but that'll be in the future. Like next week

15. If you cannot stand someone, sit down #lamelukeyjokes

16. If you have a chronic case of Monday blue, jump into a pool of yellow paint. Or wait til it's Tuesday #lamelukeyjokes

17. I am mobile gaming when I should be reading on MRT rides :(

18. I wish there's no such things as temperatures

19. And feelings too

20. Or the need to sleep


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