Twenty Random Thoughts #120914: Twenty Random Facts About Myself

I've not been blogging for about a week now. It's funny how one day of break can turn easily into two days and then subsequently into one week. The fact that I'm on and off between catching the flu did not help a lot too. Plus the fact that I am now obsessively chasing the  all hero challenge in DOTA is sucking up most of my time. But enough is enough. Can't let some lame excuses get in my way of becoming the world most famous blogger right? Wait, didn't I scrape that dream already?

Anyways, considering that there's not much to write about (actually there is a lot, but I'm just can't be bothered with all the distressing issues out there), I shall take up my dear housemate's challenge to write 20 facts about myself! An easy way to cheat my way out of a long blogpost.

So here goes.

in lack of a better picture, here is a harry potter picture

1. I was born in the small town of Ipoh, Malaysia, in a smaller village called Kampung Tawas. Growing up, I remember the memories of me visiting my grandparent's vegetable stall at the nearby market regularly. My childhood was quite fun, to say the least. Evenings were filled with bicycle trips with the neighbour kids, visit to their houses and lots of kiddish games that I can no longer remember

2. Out of the three children in my family, I was the only one who was raised bilingual. My dad spoke to me in English while my mum conversed with me in Chinese. My paternal grandmother tried to teach me Hakka, but that didn't go as well as she had hoped, I guess, because my Hakka is still as broken as f***. I picked up Cantonese when I was in kindergarten from friends (God knows how I did that) while Malay was imparted unto me when I entered primary school

3. Kindergarten was a fun experience. I have two most vivid memories of my kindergarten that comes into mind whenever I think of it. The first was that I cried after finding out that I was the only one who coloured my alphabets using three colours each, while my classmates only used one colour for the alphabets. My mum and teacher tried their best to console me, but all I felt was how I hated to be different from the others. So I cried and cried until the end of school. I sorta made a vow to never be different again I guess, a trait of me that lasted until today. The second one was when I got a very bad scolding for saying fart, because my teacher thought that I said fuck. She even asked the other kids to not be friends with me because I was a "bad boy". I guess there's partly where my fear of rejection comes in

4. I hate singing. Some friends of mine would know how much I hate karaoke. Part of the reason why was because back when I was in Sunday school, a church elder told me that I should never sing because I suck at it. I took the comment seriously, and it sort of affected my self-esteem when it comes to singing for my whole life. I took up drums and bass guitar after that because I don't have to sing. Of course now I'm slowly learning not to care, but it's funny how a small comment affected me for my entire life

5. I am a very clingy person, even as a child. Back when I was still a toddler, I was so clingy to my grandfather that whenever he went to bath, I would sit in front of the toilet door and cry until he came out. I'm still being teased for that

6. The naughtiest thing that I have ever did? Riding around the housing estate on a bicycle on Chinese New Year's night with my bunch of friends throwing firecrackers into people's houses and laughing when they went off, scaring the occupants of the house

7. I have a very long history with gaming and cyber cafes (LAN shops). It was there that I met a lot of friends, naughty friends you may say, spending my mornings before school and evenings after school playing Counter Strike, Ragnarok, Half Life and Dota. It was there where I picked up my first vulgarities, mostly in Cantonese anyway, and my escapades with the cyber cafes used to drive my mum nuts. She would say that playing too much computer would eat away your brain, which I guess did not turn out to be true since I eventually made it into NUS :p

8. My first day in primary school involved a big fat Indian boy pushing me off my chair. First day already got bullied :(

9. The church adults used to hate me back when I was young. Because I would usually lead the bunch of boys running around the church compound, playing real life "Counter Strike", making lots of noise. Eventually they had to came out with this class or something just to not give us the opportunity to run around and wreak havoc. But still it was freakishly fun. And the hate was mutual 

10. A lot of ideals and principles that I hold came from my father. To be honest, I would say that he done a hell of a job raising me up. I still remember how he caned me when he found out that I borrowed 10 cents (yes 10 cents) from my classmate, and amidst all the crying that's coming from me, told me sternly that the one thing that we should never do in life is to borrow money from other people. It wasn't until university that I began to say okay to people wanting to lend me money

11. If you look hard enough, you'll find enough random facts about me in this blog that can drag all the way to maybe even 100 facts

12. I used to message random girls on ICQ and Friendster, and I got to know quite a few people from there. My first phone call from a girl is from a girl I know from ICQ. And being the naive me, I immediately asked her to be my girlfriend. We broke up the day we met face to face. Yep, I'm not proud of that

13. Lazy. That's the single most accurate definition of me. If there was an easier way to do something, I would take it. No questions asked. Guess that Bill Gate's quote really make sense eh

14. I am better at expressing my thoughts in writing than when speaking. If I attempt to do face to face conversation with a complete stranger, I would fail really really badly. Charisma level 0, sadly. Which is why I can never pick up girls from anywhere

15. My best experience of school was during Form 6, or A levels. A lot of people advised me against it, but thinking back, it was the period where I learned an experienced the most things. From being a prefect to leading different groups of people, I had the chance to do what I've always wanted to do. Like organize a DOTA competition, for example, and playing ourselves when school is over. Of course, the sudden appearance of girls in our classes helped a lot too, I guess. Whereas Form 1 to Form 5 was like a blur

16. I was super close to have not come to Singapore. I hated the fact that I had to move then, and preferred the comfortable environment of Malaysia. But my auntie and mum sort of begged and nagged me to apply, and after much annoyance at trying to finish the endless tasks required by NUS to apply, I somehow got accepted. Looking back, it was the best decision that  I have ever made in my life. Thank god I did not give up halfway or anything

17. Speaking of God, He is a subject that I feel very strongly about. Until today I still do not know whether God exists or not, and I think that here is just no way we can prove his existence with the current knowledge that we have. Unless He chooses to reveal himself in some grandiose way, that is. Still, I would still like to believe that He does exist

18. When it comes to important decisions, I don't make a goal and strive blindly towards it. ie I don't say I want to study medicine and die die work my way towards it. Instead I always make two goals, and pick the one that comes easier or is offered to me. In studies, I put USM and NUS as my goals, while in work, I put psychology related work and media related work as my goals. I chose NUS because it was obviously a better choice, but I ended up in my work now because it was the only one offered to me

19. Eusoff Hall has been quite an eye opening experience. I still remembered the shock when I found out that almost everyone is better than you in almost everything, and I had such a hard time finding my footing. But somehow I survived, and for 4 years too, a feat that I will never be able to understand. And those leadership positions? Lucky, Real lucky. 

Still, I am thankful for all the experience and for all the people who believed in me. Joshua Ng, for nominating me for the Video Director (my first official leadership position, in which I failed quite badly and handling relationships). Nisha, for throwing me up to become her co-head in the orientation committee (the one that made me go "shit, leading people is this hard?"). The residents of B Block, for entrusting me to be the Block Head (how I managed to keep that Block together I can never fathom). And the 77% who voted Yes for me to become the Media Director. All of them taught me valuable lessons, lessons that gave me hard knock on my ego, that helped me to realize that life is an unending journey. It was from those responsibilities that I learned how to survive in my work now,  in terms of time and people management, and I guess that the term "full time Eusoffian" really meant something. 

20. My biggest regrets? My four past relationships. In each relationship I vowed to be better, that I will make it last, but in each of them I was still the selfish prick. Like the hall experience, each of them taught a painful and humbling lesson. Lessons that I am still learning today. I guess that when it comes to life, we are constantly learning, that the journey to self-improvement is never ending. And the moment that we think we learned enough is the moment when the inside of us dies. In a way I am grateful for everything that has happened to me in life up until now, both the sad and happy memories together. Because that is what makes us humans, I guess.


  1. Whoa, I was mentioned! You were our best candidate for Video Director back then. You did well.


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