Twenty Random Thoughts #030914: Point 10 onwards

1. There is one rule when it comes to reading Malaysian news, especially those regarding politics. And that is the more you read, the more depressed you'll become.

2. I for one think that there's nothing that could be done to erase what has already been done. We have already passed the point of no return. The ones who know that there's something wrong have left in tons, while those who are left have not enough power to change the current situation

3. Funny how the brain drain, aside from sucking the talent dry, has sucked away people who are able to fight for the country

4. When I first left Malaysia, I told myself that one day I'll return. But seeing how things are going now, I have decided to never settle down back in Malaysia. Some battles are just not worth fighting

5. I am selfish like that, I know

6. There's no use ranting about a lost cause anymore online anyway, because no matter how much we rant online, the guys at Putrajaya are still going to rampage through common sense and common rights, because they know the majority of us don't have the balls enough to stage a movement that is enough to cripple the economy. Because we're stuck too far into our comfort zone to really do anything. So *zip*

7. My skin and my scalp seemed to dislike me a lot, considering how fast they are in popping up pimples whenever there's a slightest of irritation. Like just a little bit more dust and *pop* *pop* *pop* like popping bubble wrap

8. I hate statistics. And I will forever hate it. Though there are times when my heart skips a beat when I see the numbers magically tally up, I still hate looking at all the raw data

9. One of my random hobbies is to talk randomly on OKCupid website, cause I find it interesting to see how people react there, and the different type of girls out there, away from my social circle. It opens up an entire world that I have never seen before. But I will talk about that, another time. Like a full post on it

10. I never finished #100happydays challenge, despite being hyped out about it. I made it to day 40+ last year, but stopped halfway as I was bored or something like that. Eventually I got too busy, I guess, and completely forgot about it

11. This time, come rain or shine, I am going to finish it, even if it means photographing my ugly face everyday, because once you start something, you be damn sure to finish it. Got head, must got tail. If no tail, you look pretty horrible with only the head floating around

12. There has been a lot of hoo-haa about graduates and non-graduate's pay, my only hoo-haa is the incredible amount of loan that I still owe the SG government T.T

13. I for one think a degree makes all the difference, especially if you're going through a top notch university. The way a degree forces you to think, you can't get it anywhere else

14. Of course I'm not doubting other programmes since I've never been there before, I'm just saying out loud how my short 4 years in NUS has literally changed my life around

15. Writing blog post to me is switching between Facebook, phone and

16. I hate DOTA. But I love DOTA. I have a love hate relationship with it

17. Manager: For this programme, we all need to be as creative as possible in order to get the best results. And why on earth are you holding a tissue box in your hands Luke? 
Luke: I'm trying to think outside of the box

18. I'm sleeping way past my bed time again, despite telling myself everyday I should sleep earlier. That just seem never to happen

19. This Taiwanese playboy got sentenced to decades in jail. Everyone says that he deserves it, but some guys are just jealous of him. I felt

20. What thing disappears faster than the speed of light? Samsung's battery life


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