The thing about creating

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You sit down at your desk, your whole self brimming with enthusiasm. This is it, you tell yourself. You stare at the empty word document before your eyes, thinking of all the things you want to write. Or it could be an empty canvass for you to draw. Perhaps a blank musical sheet for music composition. You're going to create something today, you tell yourself. Something. Anything. You're gonna write, draw, code or compose. You want to give something back to the world. Perhaps change life a little through your work. It's something that you do because you're passionate about it.

But wanting to do something does not always equate to actually doing something. You stare at the empty screen for minutes, your mind devoid of any ideas. You switch tabs to other sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, losing yourself in it. A funny picture leads to a funny video, then perhaps a drama episode, and before you know it, it is already time to call it a day. The screen is still empty, not a line or word on it.

That's the thing about creating. The lack of inspiration is always a major roadblock. Not to mention the tons of distraction that you can find out there to fill your time, or to give you reasons to procrastinate. It's much easier to mindlessly consume something, than to produce something out of nothing.

You see, I believe that the world can viewed in a consume versus creator dimension. All of us are in certain degrees a consumer and also a creator. People who consume absorbs things that others created, such as watching a drama, reading a book or listening to music. The drama, book and music that the person is in essence "consuming" was created by other people, the creator. All of us can be measured by the degree of how much we consume or create everyday. There are those who mindlessly consume, watching dramas day after day, playing video games perhaps, and there are those who dedicate their lives into creating. Writers, developers, musicians for example.

And when it comes to consuming versus creating, you will notice that the successful people in life are always people who create. People who produce something out of nothing. Steve Jobs created the iPhone. Bill Gates founded Microsoft. Zuckerberg Facebook. No one ever got famous or successful by just mindlessly consuming. You don't hear someone attaining success for watching the most drama episodes, reading the most books or playing the most games. Even if they did, it is through the act of creation. Say writing a review piece or giving an interview for example. In essence you're still producing something.

All success comes from the act of creation. ALL.

Which is why I make it a point to write something everyday. Though the effect of my writing is close to negligible as compared to other more prolific writers out there, I believe in the need of creating. I believe one needs not only to learn and consume in order to move forward, one needs to produce something to constantly improve. I believe that's the only way improve. Heck even in school they have homework and assignments to force you to create. Because this is how humanity progress I think. By each of us giving something back to the whole.


And come November 2014, Nanowrimo is back! The month where you word vomit all in the name of writing a novel. I have completed one while I abandoned two, but I guess this time I have to be dead serious about finishing it. Of course, I would need to work on my spell-check inertia (meaning that I always publish my posts without re-reading them for error).


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