Twenty Random Thoughts #060814: Things I've Come To Realize


1. Our world is shaped by what we want to see, hear or experience. Reality to each person is different. We all inhabit our own little worlds, with occasionally overlap with others here and there

2. Samsung S3 has like the worst battery life, EVER

3. Sometimes when all things go to hell, or when your plans completely disintegrate into nothing, it's always good to just sit back, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that everything is not gone, because you still have yourself (on a separate note, I'm going to Taiwan alone!)

4. Mala xiang guo, where you get to pick different dishes, put it into one big pot and have them cook it spicily and ma-ly for you, is like the BEST food everrrr

5. It's amusing to have a famous ex. because people will come up to you and say things like "Ohhh your ex is in this reality TV show," "your ex is in Seattle" and etc etc

6. Things that you dont want to grow (pimples, hair) will grow, while things that you want (my height) wont

7. Writing, composing, drawing, painting. All of them are pretty much the same thing. Which is letting our imagination run wild

8. It is better to produce than to consume, because consuming turns you into a vegetable, while producing truly makes you human

9. Successful people produces stuff, normal people uses those stuff

10. Producing adds a nett gain to humanity, both in terms of knowledge and progress, while mindlessly consuming don't

11. But then again, consuming is our way of keeping sane and staying alive, the only catch is that we must not mindlessly consume

12. True friends are hard to come by, but they're hard to leave as well

13. We are our own biggest enemy

14. Phone chargers can be a major letdown sometimes

15. Plastic water bottles cannot last for more than a week

16. Facebook is like this black hole that sucks all your time away from doing something productive

17. Never trust or be jealous of the things you see in social media. They're nothing but impression management

18. When you're jaded, everything seems boring

19. It's pretty much useless trying to keep yourself "pure" or anything when it comes to relationship. Because at the end of the day, having little relationships or being a virgin will not have a significant impact on your marriage, and in the end people who are way much more wilder than you will end up settling happily as well. So there's really no point trying to control yourself just because of some standard society set

20. Live by your own standards, rules and ethics. Don't shape your life according to what others believe you should. It's suffocating. And after all, it's your life, not theirs


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