Twenty Random Thoughts #050814: Battery needs charging

1. Seriously lazy. And tired. Unmotivated? But it's been a while since I've last updated, so I will force myself to write something here today

2. It's amazing how some simple words, or expectations, can drain the hell out of you, and throw you into the abyss of "I just wanna curl up and ignore the world"

3. I know I should be the last to complain, the last to voice out, because others are getting so much worse than me. But somehow, I just cannot control the energy seeping out and before I know it, every bit of my soul is already protesting. Gone

4. Why actually? I have no idea. I could plow on, but it would be meaningless charging ahead, without any direction I am headed

5. The above 4 points sound ridiculously vague, I know. But sometimes it's not good to divulge too many information online, don't you think?

6. There are girls in OKC which post pictures revealing their deep cleavage and yet has the courage to ask guys not to focus on their boobs and say that they only want long term relationship. Right =.=

7. Speaking of which, yes, I'm in OkCupid, the infamous dating app #confessiontime

8. And yep, I'm actually quite active. Active until I was offered a one month trial of the premium account, as well as the privilege to moderate other user's photos. Not sure if accomplishment or foreveralone

9. My new hobby includes stalking other people's profiles and seeing what have they written, and I'm secretly attracted to long deep essays. And sarcastic write-ups

10. But I shall not divulge too many information about OKC here, because I want to write a full length post on it when I'm not so burnt-out

11. Burnout can happen because of two reasons, scientists say either you're overworked, or you're underworked. I'm not sure which one I am. More like ignored, I guess

12. But then again, I always face this problem whenever I'm thrown into commitments. Be it prefects back in A levels, JCRC or programme head in uni and now work. Fundamental genetic flaw, I guess?

13. Lost. I think the best word to describe me now is lost

14. I keep procrastinating to finish up this post

15. I guess no matter how I feel, I should at least accomplish my short term goal first before throwing in the towel. So fight on, Luke!

16. I have trouble sleeping :/

17. Toss, roll, toss and turn. Like a roti prata I am.

18. My room is perpetually hot. Not sure if neighbour has a boiler downstairs, or it's because I'm in my room

19. Sometimes I do things that I know I would regret soon after, but I still do it. Like eating Macs when I have sore throat

20. I think I'm getting sick


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