The President's Afterthoughts: Saints Row 4

*As this post is a post-game post (post-ception), it may contain some spoilers (duh), so be warned! Though I must say that everyone must have played Saints Row 4 by now, so it won't be much of an issue I guess, cause I'm a slowpoke like that

that's me alright, grooving in the center of the dance floor

So the world is saved by me, the president of the United States, and I'm off belting some of my signature moves with my super-powered homies as a celebration. We brought down the mightiest empire in the galaxy merely through the power of simulation, and indirectly became the rulers of the empire itself. Oh did I mentioned saving the world? Scrape that. I think it was me who accidentally caused the evil Emperor Zinyak to blow up dear ol' Earth when I attempted to escape, but then again I was able to defeat him and seize the almighty Zin throne, so I guess I got that going for me, which is nice.

yep, don't mind me sitting here chilling, enjoying my throne

To be honest, while everyone was initially excited about the upcoming Saints Row 4 before its release, I wasn't quite convinced about wanting to buy the game itself. You see, while I enjoyed Saints Row 3, I didn't quite see it as vastly different from the GTA franchise, with it's open end exploration and gang themed gameplay. Basically a lot of of the central mechanics are the same, with the cars hijacking, territory control and lots of missions involving lots of killing. 

Still, I think one of Saints Row 3's and 4's (I didn't play the first and second series) greatest strengths lies in its somewhat absurd, lame, sarcastic and yet entertaining storyline, which was why after seeing it go on sale for a ridiculously cheap price during Steam Sales (that horrible period where we all lose a lot of money), I decided to see for myself how different was the game compared to its predecessor, and how did it fare.

missions that include climbing a nuclear missile? check

While Saints Row 4 involved a premise on a much bigger scale, it's a planetary alien invasion after all, I feel that it was more of an expansion of Saints Row 3 rather than a totally revamped new game. You see, while you have all the new super powers and stuff, running across water like Jesus, jumping over tall buildings in a single leap and raining fireballs down on you enemy like Goku, you're pretty much still in Steelport, with all the same mechanics. Shops, hijack, mini missions that remind you of Tron and what not. A lot of things, like carjacking, mayhem and insurance fraud, are repackaged into fancier names but not changed, so essentially there's not much new addition into the game aside from the storyline.

hulk smash!

But I'm not complaining. If anything, I enjoyed the storyline immensely. Even though it was supposed to be a game, I can't help but to feel bonded to the people that I call homies in the game, fake as they may be. The voice acting was that convincing. I liked the chemistry that go on between them, and I think that's what makes the game sells. It gives you an illusion of belonging and camaraderie. In the game, you're this one loyal boss who ensures that no one gets left behind, and because of that, all of your gang members will willingly follow you to the depths to the earth. It's kinda mushy and gets you tingly all inside, but I felt that that was what I liked about the game.

that's supposed to be me, giving an all inspirational speech

That aside, I also enjoyed the sheer absurdity of what the game has to offer. From battling evil giant soda cans...

and he's called paul

To playing some 2D retro game...

sidescroller yo

The game has many moments that make you go WTH in laughter, as well as some pretty intense moments. So I guess it's not too bad, given how I got the game at 75% off during Steam sale. My only question is how come they're not using Zinyak time's machine to travel back in time and better prepare?


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