Getting the best for your eyes: A Crizal Prevencia Review

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned about getting a pair of Crizal Prevencia lens to go with my new glasses? They have finally arrived, and it has been almost a month since I have started wearing Crizal's latest lenses, which Essilor has generously offered me an opportunity to try it. And I must say, I am quite happy with the amount of difference that it made.

behold, my new glasses, outfitted with the awesome Crizal Prevencia. noticed the blue reflections? more on that later!

It's hard to maintain a healthy pair of eyes today. With so many electronic gadgets around, our eyes are constantly straining themselves to stay focused on our numerous screens. From iPad, to our phones, to our computers both at home and work, and not forgetting our dear ol' friend Mr Sun out there, there's a ton of different sources that cause stress to our eyes. Is it a wonder why children are starting to wear glasses at a younger age?

And did you know, out of everything that I've mentioned, almost all of them emits this particular wavelength light called the blue-violet light, which is a subset of light that is harmful to your retinal cells. Long exposure to blue violet light not only cause eye fatigue (now you know why your eyes tire easily when you spend a long time staring at your screens), it could also lead to AMD (age-related macular degeneration), an eye condition that causes you to see black in your vision.

it's like seeing a ghost, which is actually quite scary. photo source: crizal

Anyways, realizing the need to better protect our eyes, Crizal came up with a new range of lenses called the Crizal Prevencia, which effectively filters out the dangerous blue violet light from reaching our eyes, hence the general blue reflection of the glasses.

Of course, with it being a Crizal Lens as well, Crizal Prevencia still retains all of its predecessors features, such as being resistant to smudge, scratch, dust and water, as well as filtering UV light at the same time (too much UV light causes cataracts, so you can say you're killing two birds with one lens with Crizal Prevencia). I find that I have to worry less about cleaning my glasses every now and then, as the lens were much more smudge proof than my previous glasses. I could also leave my glasses out more often too, without having to constantly put them back into their cases when I go to sleep, as how I used to do.

see the blue light being reflected off the lens? it's actually from my computer screen. scary right?

Another benefit that I noticed from wearing Crizal Prevencia was also the lesser glare from vehicle lights at night, as I find my eyes flinching less every time a vehicle passes my right while I'm on the bus. Last time I used to be bothered by it as I tried to sleep on the bus, but recently I did not feel the effect as much. They say that Crizal Prevencia helps you to drive better at night too, with all the high beam idiots around, but sadly I was not able to test that out as I am poor like that :(

Still I guess my little bus experience is more than enough as a prove :p

Crizal Prevencia lens is now available for purchase island wide at all major optical shops, and particularly at Nanyang Optical. Price of the lens ranges 170 SGD onwards, depending on your needs. 


  1. WOW! The specs must be REALLY great! I NEED to get one soon! I love the bluish tint from the lens!

  2. Hey Luke... I got my pair of these lenses too... But I'm really annoyed by the weird reflection of any light behind me on the side of the lenses... Do you face this problem too ?

  3. yes.. i too face the same problem.. its pretty distracting and annoying.. planning to switch over to crizal UV Forte

  4. yes reflection not that much good to see

  5. Whats the price for this specs?

  6. Can anyone tell the price of crizal vu forte airwear


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