We do like girls with no makeup, for the long term that is

makeup vs no makeup, that is the question

So I was having dinner the other day where this article about makeup popped up. In a nutshell, the writer of the article complains that while majority of us men always say that we prefer girls with natural beauty, our actions does not really reflect our words. Quoting a study done by an online dating site called Zoosk, which found that girls who wore makeup in their profile picture were more likely to be chosen by guys, the author claims that actions speak louder than words, and we guys don't really mean what we say.

Confused, that was the word she used to describe guys, although by the end of the article everything got pretty confusing as well. She was quoting a bunch of guys about what makeup they prefer, then switching to whether men really knows what makeup is (while including her own experience about how guys doesn't notice your mascara, which kinda contradicts her earlier point about guys picking girls with more makeup) and then ending with the statement that women don't dress up for men, and how girls who radiates happiness are the ones who attract the most attention to them.

The last sentence almost sounded to me like the author was trying to console herself by saying that, which in my opinion has strayed so far away from her first argument. But that's not the point of this post. What I originally intended for this post is to attempt to hypothesize the findings of Zoosk, and perhaps clear the air about what us guys really think, since the friend who shared this article with the guys on the table had the same sentiments as the author of the article. That us guys don't really mean what we say, that we are lying in a way.

Well, to clarify, I have to admit that us guys are indeed attracted to girls with makeup. I mean that's the whole point right? Wearing makeup definitely makes you prettier in a way. It conceals the things that makes you ugly, like pimples and eyebags, while enlarging the things that make you look pretty, like your eyes and lips. It's like wearing a formal suit to work versus wearing a t-shirt to work, like the difference between wearing slippers and leather shoes. Makeup gives off a better first impression, like guys who decide to comb their hair. 

I think that the keyword here is first impression. Let me caps lock and bold that for you. FIRST IMPRESSION. That's really different from long term dating.

I've tried online dating sites before and to be honest, when you're only given a profile picture and very little info about someone you don't know, you tend to make judgement on what you have, which is most of the time based on their looks. And time and time again, research has found how good looking people tend to get better things in life, and the Zoosk study is just an extension to this phenomena called the "halo effect". That we tend to make decisions based on someone's looks.

In a way, the Zoosk study is nothing but a first impression test. If you do it the other way round, I think you would still find the same results. That guys who use photoshop, style their hair, sport their abs and wear better clothes will tend to get picked more than those who do not. So even some girls may say that personality matters more, looks play a huge part as well. 

Then why do guys say that they want natural beauty then, I hear you say.

Well, in essence it's not much different than what I said earlier about how good looking people tend to get more stuff I guess. While makeup helps to give good first impression, us guys are not dumb. We do realize that makeup is only temporary, and that by the end of the day, it does not reflect someone's real looks. We want something permanent, which in the case of looks, is something we call the natural beauty. We want a beauty that stays even the makeup comes off. I can tell you that even the girls who wore makeup were more likely to be picked on Zoosk, how many of those relationships from that will really last? 

Sure, us guys may sound really selfish when you put it like that, but isn't this how all of us human function? When it comes to relationship, we all want something that lasts. So us guys are not really confused when we say we prefer natural beauty. It's just us saying what we want in the long term.

The only lesson that you should be taking away from the Zoosk study is that when taking a picture, be it for an online dating site or a job interview, make sure you look good. 

Of course, whether girls really makeup for guys is an entire different matter all together, and I'm not interested in debating that. I just have one question though, if all the guys on earth were to die tomorrow, meaning that you won't see a guy at all, would you still put on makeup as usual then?


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