Twenty Random Thoughts #020714

1. America's Next Top Model: College Edition is playing on my TV, and I find it interesting how all these girls are fighting it out in order to secure a college education. 

2. With that being said, my original plan to blog has been completely thwarted by the sights of beautiful girls who will never know of my existence. Sad, isn't it?

3. I wonder how will their lives turn out in the end? Will they graduate with honours, pursue their dreams, and end up with a great family?

4. I wonder how will each of our story end up?

5. At the end of the day, does it matter how our story end up as compared to the person next to us? I guess how our own story ends up is only up for us to judge. As long as we are happy with how our story end up, nothing else matters. Only our own perspective matters

6. I wonder how I will ever end up if I be in a reality television?

7. I wonder what type of show I will be in? Singapore's Next Top Model? Dudes that totally need a makeover?

8. With my shy and introvert personality, I doubt I'll be able to talk to the camera confidently. Probably gonna stutter and faint halfway through it

9. I like this girl called Jessie, with her pixie haircut and shy demeanor and all. Too bad I have a feeling that she'll not stay long. Modelling requires a totally different attitude

10. Like the girl who said, "I totally deserves this"

11. The world usually pays attention to those who screams the loudest, while those who doesn't make noise will never be noticed. You'll be sidelined and ignored if you're not making enough noise

12. That noise part to gain attention? Even my kids know that. Which is why you see children throwing tantrum all the time. Because that's the only time their parents will notice them

13. Even ISIS knows about that. Which is why they are doing what they are doing. To gain attention. To have people notice them

14. Why can't the world appreciate silence? Why must we glorify loudness? Perhaps this is a remnant of how we used to do when we're still savages. Just look at how monkeys establish dominance

15. They ones who are domineering gets the girl and be clan leader. The one that fights the best will get all the mating rights. And you dare say we are not evolved from monkeys

16. Okay actually the evolution theory does not state that we evolve from monkeys, but it's a evolutionary legacy, this worship we have for loudness and dominance

17. Life is of constant judging, I feel. We're like being constantly judged by those around us, and we try to live up to their expectations, so we would not be "eliminated" 

18. Those who are "eliminated" are left at the bottom, ignored and left with nothing

19. Seeing at the judging round breaks my heart D:

20. Goodnight


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