There was a lamp

I have no idea of what to write. Not so much so of not having nothing to write, but rather having too many things to write, and having no idea of what to choose from. I can write about the sad state that Malaysia is in, about all the depressing news from all around the world, about my work, perhaps something to do with my beliefs, maybe my experience with internet dating, or some deep existential philosophical question. The problem is this, give me anything to write and I could write about it. So it the end I am facing a paradox of having too many choices. 

So instead of choosing a fixed topic to write on, or writing about any the twenty thoughts thing, I am just going to let my imagination fly tonight. I am going to write a random short story.  

I am going to start the story with the phrase "Once upon a time", because it's a random short story, and most stories use the line as an opening. Most probably because you have no idea when the story took place or that you could be reading the story five hundred years after it has been written. Or maybe the author is just too lazy to think of a better opening line.

So here goes.

Once upon a time, there was a lamp. A desk lamp. The type of lamp that you put it on your table, the lamp that you turn on when you do not want to disturb your sleeping roommate, but you still a source of lighting to study. This lamp was born in China, or rather should I say assembled in China, and from the moment it was born, it has already done something that many of us has no chance to do it before. Which is travelling all the way from China to Singapore on a really big ship. I know I have not done that before, because I did not even have the chance to travel to China yet. Lucky lamp.

But of course, the lamp doesn't know that it was a lucky lamp. After all, it had no soul, no brain. It could not think, it could not feel. It was an inanimate object. One that was devoid of life. Or so we thought. Or the lamp thought, if it know how to think.

On one stormy night, another one of those overused short story sentences, the lamp suddenly found itself to be experiencing something. It became aware that it was experiencing something. It was an awfully strange experience, to be suddenly caught in a situation where you become aware of something. It was like being born, when suddenly you are bombarded with senses that you never knew existed before. Because you never knew anything existed before that.

While us humans had nine months to prepare ourselves for existence, the lamp had none. There was nothing before that, and with a crack of lightning that sent an awfully strong current to the lamp, the lamp suddenly found itself to be suddenly staring into something. It was actually seeing stuff, and hearing noises, only that everything came at once for the lamp. Of course the lamp wanted to freak out. It was caught completely off guard by its existence. But rather than jumping and screaming like what it wanted to do, the lamp found itself to be still standing eerily still on the table.

Normally, a lamp would have broke in a spectacular mini explosion when given such surge of energy. But not this lamp. As if by divine purpose, it came into existence. Do you know how significant that phrase is, coming into existence? Humans normally take it for granted, the idea of existence, of being able to feel, think and experience, but for a lamp to became like that, it was phenomenal. In fact, it was the first lamp in the entire history that had attained existence. It was like us attaining Nirvana, becoming a Buddha of sorts. Gaining enlightenment, as they would say, moving to an entire new field of existence.

But alas. just as the lamp was beginning to get used to the notion of existence, its brief life was put to halt temporarily with the flick of a button, as the owner of the lamp, decided to not continue her revision in light of the storm. Before the lamp had a chance to grasp its existence, it sent back to the state that it had always been previously. And that was how the lamp came to be.


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