The N Things That Highly Successful People Do (Which you might be probably doing too, but that doesn't necessarily make you successful, only to you an illusion to feel good,so that you'll click this link)

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Longest title EVERRRRR. But hey there, hi. And welcome. Before you clicked the link to this article, I will assume that you are mindlessly browsing over Facebook or Twitter, probably bored out of your mind. You're looking for something interesting to read, and out of the tons of articles being shared on your timeline, this one caught your eye. You're looking for a source of inspiration, something to make yourself feel good on an otherwise boring day, and this article is going to do just that.

I'm going to share with you tips on being a successful person, because after all everyone wants to be successful. Those tips are not really backed scientifically and may sound really much like common sense, but never mind, because we need reminders every now and then. I am going to use a lot of power words like successful, being in control, prosperity, security and life fulfillment in between those tips, in order to prime you with all these good feelings these words evoke.

So what do successful people do actually that makes them so different? What are their habits that contribute to their success? Read on to find out.

1. Successful people breathe

You may not know this, but ALL successful people breathe. Successful people realize the importance of having enough oxygen in their body, because all our cells require oxygen in order to function normally. Without enough oxygen intake, we would feel tired and dizzy, and that would hinder us from our journey to successfulness. Which is why in order to be successful, you need to take in enough oxygen every time you breathe, so make sure to draw in your breath deep.

What, the tip is a no brainer, you say?

But then again, don't every article on the web is something like this? Give some vague and tips that evokes a "Duh" so that the article can sound legitimate without being too overly complicated at the same time, when essentially the article is saying nothing. In fact, so much as been said about how to be successful on the internet until you don't really know how to be successful anymore. And if it really works, shouldn't everyone of us be successful right now, instead of me having to write this post hoping that it would go viral and you reading this post hoping to console yourself that you're successful?

a short google search of habits of successful people returns these results

You want to know what successful people really do?

N. Successful people don't spend time on the internet reading on how to become successful

If you're spending tons of time on Facebook passively consuming information without producing anything, chances are that no matter how much you read, you will be a far cry from the successful that you want to be. One thing about successful people is that they rarely spend time on the social media or internet, but rather they are actively spending time outside creating stuff or immersing themselves in beneficial experiences, rather than just mindlessly reading generically written articles that does nothing more than saying, "Drinking water is essential to be successful."

Besides, when it comes to success, everyone's road is different. The thing about success is that it cannot be broken down by steps. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg did not have a Success 101 book that outlines the steps that you need to take in order to be successful, but rather, they each chose their own path to attain what they want. If you hope to follow a specific formula in order to achieve success, then you already have it all wrong. Because each success story is different. Or otherwise the world would be a really boring place. Everyone would be like I did X then Y and lastly Z, and then I was successful. We would be no different from robots then.

So go out, stop reading these articles. They are nothing but generic feel-good self-gratifying articles that tries to give you the illusion of hope, to bluff you that you can be successful, without really changing anything. They all follow the same formula, the same template, and the same wordings. It's time to ignore these articles, and really forge your own path to success, rather than taking other's words for it. Because successful people rarely followed others footsteps, but forged their own paths


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