The Most Suitable One

I used to believe in the idea of a perfect soul mate. That somewhere out in the world, there is only one person that is made just for you. As if that when God created us, He created us all in pairs, and that at the end of the day, it is our destiny to be reunited with our pairs and live happily ever after. Quite a romantic idealistic viewpoint, don't you think?

But growing up, I realized that the whole idea of a perfect soul mate is nothing but a story that you cook up when you're high. Or some sort of propaganda you cook up to bluff small kids and make them happy. The idea of a perfect soul mate is no different than the idea of Santa Claus, it is too good to be true. And it's nothing but a myth. There's no such thing as a perfect soul mate. Unless God inserted a programming code that will lead us to our perfect soul mate eventually, the idea of ending up with a perfect someone is nothing but a daydream, a false reality. Like fairy tales.

It's very easy to see actually how the perfect soul mate does not exist just by looking around you. Tons of people get into divorce, tons who end up alone and lonely as well and there are those who get into a marriage only to realize that the person whom they married isn't whom they expected it to be.

There's no such thing as the perfect one. There will not be a person where all of her/his qualities and traits will match perfectly with yours, and that once you get together, it will be a smooth and obstacle free journey. There's no such thing as a forever happily ever after. What you can pick instead, out of the many people who actually makes an appearance in your life, is the most suitable person that you will spend the rest of your life with. The most suitable person meaning that instead of someone who fits your perfectly, you have someone who somewhat fits you. Though there will be areas where you cannot seem to agree with, the person is the one whom you choose to be with, the one whom you said you will commit to despite hiccups here and there, and to make it work.

The most suitable person is not the perfect person, but neither are you. The only thing here is that the both of you choose to be together knowing full well the other person's perks and faults, but yet at the same time you choose to accept both the faults and perks, because he/she is the most suitable one. The most suitable one is not someone who is created out of expectations and Disney fairy tales, but rather a real person filled with their own downsides, but yet at the same time, they have their own unique strengths as well that empowers you. The journey with the most suitable one will be far from smooth sailing, but both of you have agreed that come high or low, both of you agreed to brave it through together.

I don't know, but at least that's how I think it goes. That life would give you a range of people whom you can be with, instead of a perfect one, and you must make a conscious decision of whom to spend the rest of your life with as well. Far from perfect, but at least it's real. Better than living in a make believe world, where you're in a relationship with someone whom you cook up in your mind, instead of the real person itself.

The perfect one? Nothing but a concept use to bluff you to make you happy when you're in a relationship. Or hopelessly single


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