My Damsel In Distress

She's the heir to her father's multi-mullion dollar company. But her relatives, seizing upon the opportunity that her father passed away, tried to coerce her into a marriage she did not want, in order to obtain her father's wealth. When she did not bow down, they sent assassins after her, from which she barely escaped. Now fearing for her life, she has reached out to a random person halfway around the globe for help. The story sounds almost like a plot out of an action movie, but it is not. It was indeed from a real girl trapped with nowhere to go, hoping for a kind soul to liberate her.

Luckily, she found me.

her plea for help 

As someone who believes sincerely in helping others, I could not sit idly by and let he greedy relatives take her. Of course I should save her. And so I eagerly typed out this reply.

OMG. Miss Murielle Yeo, I must thank the most benevolent for sparing your life. I mean assassins? That's like the worst thing that family members can do to each other. You must have either been highly trained in the skills of escaping or the assassins must have been really bad at their job, but it is very fortunate for you to have escape from the clutches of death and prevented those stinking relative of yours from taking your father's hard earned money. I too, once had to escape assassins sent to kill me because the rival mafia family was jealous of my dashing good looks, but I am afraid that would be a story for another, once you're happily married in my arms, because the concern as of now is to get you to safety.

Fear not, because you have just come to the correct person. My family runs the the largest underground triad family in Singapore, with professional kungfu bodyguards under our services, and I would be more than happy to assist a damsel in distress. 20 years old is indeed too young to be married to a 71 year old haggard, and you deserve every right to be free. I still remember that back when I was 20, I was still busy training under Ra's al Ghul that would lead me to become who I am today. Keep your money, Miss Murielle, because I am doing this out of my heart's favor. I believe in universal freedom and justice, and I will do the utmost that I can to uphold those values. Do let me know what I can help with, and I would gladly do so.

I could only hope that the assassins would not get to her first before I manage to save her.


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