Memoire No Hogosha #7

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Joshua could feel the chill of the murky water against his skin as he slowly swam across the Tebrau Straits. The moon cast a gloomy light upon the water's surface, while random pieces of trash floated past Joshua occasionally. In the distance, the lights from several boats stood out against the dark. Some of them were small and fast, others bigger and lumbering slowly across the water. Further still, Joshua could see the outline of the causeway that connected Johor and Singapore.

Why on earth did he chose to swim, he did not know. Neither did he understood where his swimming ability came from.

The last part of the old man's conversation lingered in his mind, as he slowly splashed across the water. The sound of his body making contact with the water calmed him. The Non-Interference Agreement, the old man said. The defining moment in the battle between good and evil. Where the evil chose to openly manipulate the memories of humans, violating a previously agreed upon rule. That both sides could only indirectly promote their agenda without affecting what goes in the mind.

Joshua has always known about this phenomena called false memories. That our memories are not perfect, and with the correct techniques, people can create memories in your mind that you never have before. His psychologist friend, one of the top researchers in the field, told him that. Of how adults, when asked the correct questions, could form memories of childhood abuses that never happened before, sparking off some of the most well known court cases in history.

But what Joshua didn't knew was that the Deleos had already perfected the art of memory implantation long before the first case of false memory syndrome was publicly discovered in 1986. Instead of merely asking leading questions and making suggestive comments, like how the publicly known cases came about, the Deleos were able to enter a victim's mind and implant a memory directly through a device that they created.

"Seeing how unfair the balance had become, the Almighty decided to intervene for the first time, after more than a thousand years of silence," the old man explained, as he extended his hands. His palm curled into a fist, as if he was holding something. As Joshua looked on curiously, ice crystals began to gather on top of the old man's fist, being drawn from all over their surroundings. Joshua could feel the wind picking as the old man's fist acted like a magnet, drawing in the ice from their surrounding. The ice crystals gathered above the old man's fist, forming the outline of a sword, as they began to rotate faster and faster, still drawing in the ice crystals from all around them.

Joshua struggled to keep his eyes open and his feet on the ground all while this was happening, feeling as if he was caught in a terrible storm. And in the midst of all the wind, snow and cold, the old man stood still like a statue, his arms still in front of him, his eyes focused on the sword that was forming in front of him.

Just as Joshua felt that he was going to be sucked in by the sword, a bright flash of light burst forth from the old man, followed by what felt to Joshua like a sonic boom. When he finally regained his composure, Joshua saw a magnificent sword held by the old man, unlike any sword that he has seen before. The blade were white in colour, carved with intricate drawings along the edge, which seemed to Joshua like flowers. Ice crystals seemed to emanate from the blade itself, giving off a whitish glow from it.

"Wow," was all Joshua managed to mutter, finding himself loss in words to describe the sword.

"Glacialis. One of Almighty's gift," the old man said, his voice filled with awe as well. "And now it decided to choose you."

Joshua coughed and sputtered as he climbed on top of the ground that belonged to Singapore, still surprised at how he managed to swim across the channel without getting caught by any border guard. Just as he was about to lie down on his back, a woman's voice broke through the silence of the night, startling Joshua.

"So you are the one who is the successor to Glacialis huh?"


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