Getting Excited For My Crizal Prevencia Lens

Our eyes are the window to the world, which is why they are one of the most important parts of our body. However, in our increasingly digitized age, where we constantly spend time in front of LED screens, be it our computer monitors or our phones, the risk of damaging our eyes is getting increasingly great. You may not know this but the screens of our gadgets emit a harmful blue-violet light that damages our eyes and increases the risk of our eyes developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD). If nothing is done to correct it, AMD can lead to blindness as we get older, due to the constant exposure of our eyes to it.

With children being exposed to gadgets at an increasingly younger stage, it is important to prevent their eyes from getting damaged too much through the exposure to electronic gadgets. One of the ways to prevent the harmful rays of our gadgets from damaging our eyes is to wear a protective lens, in order to filter out the harmful rays from reaching our eyes. Launched in  June this year, Crizal Prevencia, the latest addition to the Crizal lenses by Essilor aims to do just that.

And as the super handsome blogger / avid gamer with too big a screen to view / someone who just broke his old glasses (yes, I broke my old glasses just a few days before getting the Crizal email, what luck right?), I had the privilege to try out the very first Crizal Prevencia lenses in Singapore, courtesy of Essilor, Nanyang Optical and The Good Folks.

protecting your eyes from all the harmful lights when you're working, including the time when you're blogging

I went down to Nanyang Optical at Bishan for a glass testing session and as well as an eye checkup to get my own Crizal Prevencia lens today, and being someone who is is constantly careless with his glasses (not to mention blur and couldn't care less), I have always wanted to try Crizal's lens. Have always seen advertisements around MRT stations on how Crizal resists smudge, scratch, dust and water, and wanted to see for myself. I smudges my glasses constantly, and would appreciate a lens that actually don't smudge that easily. 

With Crizal Prevencia however, not only Crizal is making high quality lens, they are working towards a healthy lens as well. Not forgetting the E-SPF coat on the lens that protects against the the UV rays as well. I just want to the cool blue reflection on the lens whenever they reflect the blue lights. Darn cool, don't you think? Besides that, I was also treated to a change in new glass frames as well, which was a great opportunity for me to test out new looks. Sorta like those big big black glasses type.

Don't be deceived, all these are actually different glass frames

Sadly though, I have to wait one week before I can try out le new lens, which is kinda long considering the fact that I'm getting all dizzy everyday now from excessive usage of my VERY old glasses. Because I broke my current one. Ugh. Luckily I was saved by the very kind souls with a glasses offer, or else I would have to duct tape my old glasses.

le sad sad old glasses

I would make a bad luck Brian meme out of it, but I won't Because I'm too lazy. But here's a picture of me with a lightsabrella, a lightsaber and an umbrella. Because not only Lukey must protect himself from his enemies, he must protect himself from harmful elements of the weather too, like UV rays #notsorryforthelameness

It was an awesome gift from the folks at The Good Folks (pun intended) and so totally liking it. Stay tuned for the review post! Cannot wait for the lens :p


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