Game Master Lukey Reporting for Duty: My First DnD Adventure

"You enter the cantina, still exhausted from the short dash between your ship and the place where the Bartender was rumored to be. As you survey the dimly lit bar, you saw scantily dressed Twi'lek dancing on the stage, while being oogled upon by the shady looking patrons of the bar. The bartender lazily wipes the surface of the counter, while throwing you a bored stare. Above you, heavy metal bars line the ceiling, while a few ropes hang down from you. Behind the bartender stood a half ajar door that reads "Staff Only", while a curtain blocked path lies next to the stage.

As you decide on what to do, you hear heavy footsteps approaching. Gamorrean thugs! You have only moments to decide your next course action before they barge in the entrance. What would you do?"

And that was the opening sentence that catapulted me into a dizzying game of Dungeon and Dragons ala Star Wars style game today.

starting our Edge of Empire adventure

Ever since finishing Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, one of Borderlands 2 DLC, I have always wanted to try the good ol' DnD board games for myself. The ones that the guys from Big Bang Theory play, and the kind of game where you usually associate with nerds and geeks.

However, being someone who is used to fixed rules and routines of games, the sudden reign of freedom was initially overwhelming for me. Instead following a fixed set of path and happenings, literally anything can happen. And the choices the players can make is unlimited. Just like the real world and even better than any of the video games. You can make a meteor fall out from the sky if you wanted to. The only limit is your imagination. And your set of dices

It was pretty fun though, being the game master, because I could basically set the entire tone of the story and how the story progresses. Of course, coming up with situations and outcomes to each of the player's choices was intimidating and required a lot of on the ball improvisation. There was once during an encounter with security droids that one of the players, who also happened to be a droid, wanted to hack the security droid by inserting his "USB dongle" into them. And I had to determine how that would turn out. Which somehow ended with the Wookie holding the two droids on the floor while the player droid "inserted" virus into them.

Think we may perhaps created the first droid rape encounter in the board game universe

But nevertheless, I immensely enjoyed the game. While the mechanics are still kind of confusing, because it encompasses almost everything that you would normally see in a RPG game, from items to skills to leveling up, it is the simple complexity that makes it so wonderful to play And you could change the story every time to add to the replay value. We're still far from trying out everything in the game yet, but so far, the first try was actually quite enjoyable. Star Wars: Edge of Empire, The Beginners Game is something that you may want to consider if you're looking to try out the DnD board game universe.

And I think I just signed up for the geek culture.


  1. Lol, you don't have to sign up. You were already in it!!


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