Twenty Random Thoughts #180614

1. Hating how hot the weather now. Even with the fan on full blast, the only air that comes out is hot air. Ugh

2. Rule No. 1 In Life: Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Starting with the thing that matters most first. Like your washing machine. Praying that the toilet will hold

3. Shall repeat myself again: I hate adulthood :(

4. Everyone else: Woohoo world cup! | Me: Woohoo cup noodles!

5. Best way to get to know your neighbourbood and exercise at the same time? Play Ingress, Google's augmented reality game. Not meant to be played in Malaysia by the way, where it's dangerous to even walk alone. Maybe you can join Liverpool, where you'll never walk alone

6. Been playing Brave Frontier a lot too in the mobile game. Quite the fun game. Learned today that to level up your units quickly, you need metal units. You know, those units with a lot of stars but super lousy stats? They're only good for unit fusion, that I found out. And there's a wiki page! My life is saved

7. So ISIS is heading towards Baghdad. Will they take over Iraq? God knows. Ironically

8. I don't want this week to end, because real work will be starting again when school reopens

9. Why couldn't there be a job where the job's requirement is for you to be lazy?

10. Amused at how people keep asking me how my ex is doing. Hey, I don't continuously stalk her, you know. Both of us have moved on, and I don't see the need to continuously mull on the past

11. After 5 years here, I am going to climb Singapore's highest point tomorrow! Bukit Timah! 

12. #fml is when you decide to go hiking tomorrow, hoping for a good weather in the midst of all the hotness, only to find out that weather prediction for tomorrow is rainy whole day. You gotta be kidding me

13. The scarcest commodity on earth isn't diamond, uranium or some sort of weird element. It is time

14. Money cannot buy happiness, but not having it sure makes you feel shitty

15. Every time I read Malaysia's news, my heart dies a little

16. Idiocy cannot be cured. They need to be sent to the sun

17. Adulthood: Having an air-conditioner in your room but refusing to turn it on because you want to save money

18. Lazy = Me. Me = Lazy. It's a fundamental law

19. I want to hide the the fridge right now

20. #fml is when you realize that this hot weather last all the way til September. Time to fly to somewhere colder. And hide there. For three months


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