Random Shoes Rantings

I went for a paintball outing today. It was a part of my company's staff bonding trip, where we are supposed to "bond" over a round of paintball, while running from cover to cover and resisting the urge to shout vulgarities whenever you are shot, because it's work setting. Anyways, that's not the point.

I went there with my jogging shoes, thinking that it's a good choice because it allows me to move better on the field. Little did I know that the rain earlier in the morning would cause me to regret not wearing my old worn sneakers that I was planning to throw away to the outing. Because now my running shoes are caked in mud, which means that I will need to spend a good amount of time cleaning it. Which means that I would probably have to fill my toilet with mud as well. The worse thing is that the mud has a weird smell to it. Kinda reminds me of how a bunch of cows smell like.

my sad, sad shoes

And true to the spirit of manhood, I have decided to ignore the shoes for now. And maybe look for new shoes to buy. I'm spoiled right? 

Anyways, while we're on the topic of shoes, allow me to make a general comment on how girls and guys differ in wearing shoes. From what I managed to observe, guys typically have less than five shoes in possession at any one time, and they can be divided according to their functionality. For myself for example, I have a pair of slippers, one formal shoes, one running shoes, one work shoes cum comfy shoes, one nice looking shoes for special occasions (such as dates) and one now defunct dance shoes. And I never buy new ones until a new hole appears in them.

Girls, on the other hand, group shoes according to their colour, their type and even down to the type of dress that the shoes matches. And they often buy shoes, correct me if I'm wrong on this, when there's a sale going on, if the shoes look particularly nice or if they suddenly could think of a dress that goes well with the shoes. Which may often end up with them having anywhere from five to twenty pair of shoes. I'm not trying to make any point here, but I'm just curious on what kind of processes that give rise to such a vast difference between girls and guys when it comes to shoes. Is it because there's a biological difference that causes girls to be more attuned to shoes, or is it the product of society? Or is the process something similar to how guys are particular about the electronic stuff, right down do how many data a gadget can compute per second, while girls main just sort according to the functionality (can take good pictures etc)?

More research is needed, I guess.

The other day I was talking to my friend about why girls should consider best friends as husband candidates, and somehow I used the shoe analogy. She mentioned how that she will never consider friends (guys would read it as someone already in the friendzone) as boyfriend candidates, because there's no special "spark" in friends that would make her like them. The feeling that makes your heart skips a beat. That attraction.

Obviously I disagreed with that statement, and somehow the analogy of shoe pop into my mind. This feeling that we're looking for spark, is nothing but a normal human reaction to something new. For example imagine you're shopping and you spot a new shiny heels that is going for 50% off. You're excited at the prospect of owning a new heels and matching it with that red dress of yours, so immediately you buy it up. But once at home, or after wearing a few times, you realize that the heels gives you aches, and you don't really like it. Eventually the heels fade into oblivion, forgotten in some shoe cupboard, as you revert back to the comfortable sneaker you're wearing.

That new heels, and the high that you get from seeing it first time, is similar to that so called "spark" that you're searching for in a boyfriend. And the sneaker is like your best friend, someone whom you have known for a long time, who knows you inside out and whom you know inside out as well. Just like with the heels, eventually you'll grow bored of that new heels because it doesn't suit you, and revert back to something you have always been comfortable with all along, the sneakers. So why is it so hard for ladies to accept friends, and choose to go for that special spark indeed?

My friend wasn't able to answer that question given to her. I was just feeling proud of myself for coming up with the shoe analogy.



  1. I think that it's possible and agree that relationships should stem from friendships and that friendships do stem from a certain amount of compatibility, "can click" spark. It's undeniable that physical attraction does affect our affection yet we must remember that attraction is more than physical.

    Which then leads to the conclusion that relationships n the science to it is complicated but that friends should be friends without selfishly expecting more and when pursuing a relationship, should do it with concern for the other friend


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