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"What, really?" Joshua remember himself exclaiming. He had a hard time believing that Moses, a guy whom he grew up imagining to be an old and hot tempered prophet, would be the founder of some sort of holy secret order. But then again, everything that Joshua had experienced in the past few days seemed like they were lifted up from some sort of fantasy novel or anime, so why would he should be surprised now?

From the moment when he touched the frozen rose, until the moment where he was standing on the muddy bays of Johor, everything felt like a long trance to him. He felt as if he was watching himself from afar, like how you would when you are watching a movie. But slowly his real self began to wake up again, as it took it and processed the details of everything that has been happening.

"So why tell me this? And how do I know that this is not some dream my brain cooked up, like say after I hit my head or something like that?” Joshua cannot help but be skeptical. A part of him was convinced that he was going crazy, but another part of him cannot ignore the lingering feeling that everything the old man said was nothing but the truth. He wanted to be sure. He needed a reason to convince himself that he was not crazy as well, that he was not seeing all these things because some wiring in his brain went wrong.

"Believe what you will, but something tells me you have already believed," that was the old man's retort. He was right.

"So what happened after Moses?" Joshua asked, eager to continue the story.

"It was the dawn of writing to us humans. When the Almighty realized that human's memories are easily corrupted, he gave us the gift of writing. The commandments written on the stone tabernacles is just more than a coincidence. It was part of the Almighty's perspective on how he wanted us to use written words. For everything to be set down in stone and not be corrupted."

Even after reading the Moses story several hundred times over, Joshua would have never guessed the underlying story to it.

"And after that, the use of written words spread. The Egyptians began to use them to decorate their pyramids, and soon other civilizations began to use it to jot down the rise and fall of their nations as well. The Almighty saw that everything was good, that humans could reflect back unto their written history and continue to evolve from there, and He was happy," the old man continued. By now a light snow had began to fall around Joshua and the old man, from where he had no idea of.

"Of course, Lucifer, the one you all know as the Devil, would have none of it. In the early days, the Deleos, those who served under him, sought to undermine this gift of writing by burning and eliminating any form of writing. One of the earliest recorded instance was in China, under the first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. His royal court, most of them who were already infiltrated by the Deleos, advised him to eliminate every known source of writing in the new kingdom in China, so that only his account of truth be the only truth. Fusu, his eldest son, counselled against the decision. He was the leader of the Hogosha's in China during that time, but alas, the Deleos has already dug themselves too deep to be removed of power."

"The burning was carried out and when the Emperor died, the Deleos, knowing that Fusu was part of the Hogoshas, had a conspiracy to had him removed. And sure enough, although the Emperor succeeded in unifying China, the Deleos had managed to take hold of his courts, and even managed to executed his more capable son, Fusu, as they found out that he was the leading Hogosha at that time. It was without wonder why the first dynasty crumbled in less that 50 years, and the Deleos had achieved what they wanted. Chaos."

The old man sighed after that.

"Which is why we Hogosha's must swear to a life of anonymity, as it makes us harder to track and hunted down by the Deleos. Like it or not, when you are involved in the art of deception and manipulation, things are easier for you. Which is why the Deleos will forever have the upper hand, because they are not afraid to play dirty, to cheat. Which is how I got killed in the first place," the old man said with a heavy tone.

There was a brief silence after the old man finished, interrupted occasionally by the sight of falling snow. There was a bright light coming from somewhere, illuminating the snow that fell, but Joshua cannot seem to pinpoint where it was coming from.

"Of course, one of Fusu's close friend, his comrade in the Hogosha's, eventually managed to seize power and restore balance, ushering in the Han Dynasty, so it's not always a lost cause for us Hogoshas," the old man suddenly continued, with a much more cheerful tone this time.

"But what changed?" Joshua could not help but ask. Somehow he felt that something changed along the way, after all, this was more than two thousand years ago.

"Lucifer broke the Non-Interference Agreement," the old man answered simply, as Joshua suddenly noticed a drastic change in his surroundings.


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