Twenty Random Thoughts #310514: Busy, Busy, Busy

1. I have officially hit the one year mark since moving out of hall, and entering this phase of life called adulthood. Time flies, doesn't it?

2. Despite spending already one year in the wilderness, life has been relatively stagnant, compared to most people. Seems like I have settled comfortably in some sort of routine, a comfort zone. The me in the past would have abhorred this, but the me in the present is already too lazy to care

3. Am in the midst of shifting house, which is one hell of a task that I wished could be reduced to once every a gazillion years. Cause it's just too dang troublesome

4. You know you're growing up when you start buying furniture, and have to squeeze your brain and your wallet to come up with the best compromise of what you want to get. Life. And choices

5. But other than that, moving house can be quite a bonding activity too. Providing that if your housemates don't tear each other apart

6. Gloves are your best friend when moving. That, or movers. Movers definitely are better

7. Ikea seemed to have become the first choice that pops up into mind whenever one thinks of furniture. What happened to the good ol' furniture shops?

8. But then again, Ikea has good food that you can eat while shopping

9. With that being said, I spend like no tomorrow while at Ikea. Have a suspicion that I'll greatly regret it later

10. But then again, seeing all those stuff makes my heart happy! Is this what materialism feels like D:

11. I wonder how grass taste like. Cause I may need to make it my diet for the rest of the month

12. Can one merely survive on bread for one whole month?

13. I don't think I can have the discipline to eat bread for one whole month. Good food to me is one of life's destressors, and I'll go crazy without it

14. Some of the politicians were right in saying that we lead too pampered lives

15. I need Monday off  >.<

16. Two more days to moving, and then it's back to work!

17. Point 15 should be here instead

18. The African Penguins are sad. But I guess that's what nicknames are for

19. I'm loving my new house! A super big house for only 2.5k

20. I need Monday off  >.<


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