Twenty Random Thoughts #200514: I miss my childhood

1. Funny how when we're young we swear that we'll become anyone but our parents when we grow up, but realize how as we get older, we are in fact becoming more and more like our parents?

2. Funny how we can't wait to grow up when we're young, and then realize with horror how terrible adulthood is when we eventually do grow up? And realize in deeper horror how we now cannot turn back time, and wish that if we could only relive our childhood one more time?

3. Things that makes adulthood suck: Taxes, Insurance, Loans, Maintaining your house, Maintaining your car, Maintaining your family (or try in vain to find one if you don't have any), Your shrinking pool of friends, Finances, Ensuring that you don't starve, A job where you have to perform

4. The biggest difference between adulthood and childhood: Adults have a constant outflow of money and have no idea where the money is going to, while a child has a constant inflow of money and have no idea where the money is coming from

5. As a child, you can flunk all your exams badly and still stay in school and enjoy, because it is mandatory by law, but as an adult, do badly at your job once and you'll be thrown out with a sign of a pen

6. The threat of not having enough to eat is so much more pronounced and intimidating when you're an adult

7. Adulthood is also the one time where you are most prone to feel lonelier

8. But hey, at least you can drive the car or buy whatever you want without first asking your parents

9. The best thing about being an adult? You can ride the roller coaster no matter how many times you want

10. You end up saying everything to your children that you once hated to listen, like how they should study or how they should not be in a relationship when they're 15, when you happen to be an adult. Irony, huh?

11. The most important thing that you should always remember as an adult? Never allow yourself to stop learning. Never get comfortable. Never stop pushing yourself to improve. Never EVER

12. Some people never grow up to become an adult. They only evolve into an oversized child

13. But some become too much of an adult, losing the child who still dares to dream in them

14. Being an adult can be loads of fun when you do it correctly, but it also can become immensely miserable if you do it wrong. Mistakes like crime, drugs or even getting someone pregnant for example, can so totally screw you over

15. But I guess part of being an adult is to learn to adapt, and to accept the role given to us by the big fella up there

16. Of course, you can choose to fight Him over it, but that depends on how much willpower you have, and how willing you are to achieve your dreams

17. It's normal to become delusional and lose your path every once in a while. That's normal I think, and that's part of growing up, even when we're in adulthood

18. Adult pro-tip: Never get too cocky. Just because you have more experience doesn't mean your better and more capable. Always be humble and ready to listen to opinion. Unless of course that opinion is your 15 year old daughter wanting to date this guy who always skips school

19. I'm not sure allowing her to date only guys with grade A and above would be a good idea

20. The thing is, being an adult is perhaps the biggest and toughest transition in our lives. It's also one of the most important too. Succeed or fail at it, the path of your whole life will be determined at the moment you became an adult


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