Twenty Random Thoughts #190514

1. Malaysians are easily distracted. Or rather we are so desperate for a piece of good news that the fielding of Dyana Sofya in the Teluk Intan constituency has generated so much hype both online and offline. Many Malaysians treated the fielding of Dyana Sofya as the heralding of a new change in Malaysian politics, which I don't deny it is, but to be honest, I think the change is minimal. Even if she won, the seat was already originally held by the DAP and many more important issues remain unresolved, such as the GST and radicalization of religion politics.

2. Meanwhile in Jakarta, a ethnic Chinese is slated to become the governor of Jakarta, the largest city in Indonesia. In a country where only 2% of the population is Chinese, and marred by anti-Chinese riots in the past, the move is receiving wide praise as a step forward in freedom and pluralism in Southeast Asia. Funny, isn't it, how Indonesia is taking a step forward and Malaysia is taking a step backward? Who knows before long we'll be sending Malaysians to Indonesia to become maids.

3. In Sudan, a woman is sentenced to death because she married a Christian man, and the court refuses to acknowledge that she is no longer a Muslim. Yes, apostasy is punishable by death. Want to know the funnier fact? Sudan runs on the sharia law, also known as the hudud in Malaysia. Want a glimpse of how Malaysia is going to be like in Year 2020? This scenario could just be it.

4.  While in Nigeria, 200 girls were abducted just because they attended school, by a Muslim militant group called the Boko Haram, which literally means 'Western Education is Sin'.

5. My father used to say while I was growing up that Islam was an inherently violent and hateful religion, and I didn't agree with him then because I thought he was stereotyping, but it is hard to to stereotype when you are constantly bombarded with news like that. I mean I yearn to see news that prove me wrong, for example Muslims embarking en force to aid the poor and the uneducated, or even to help women, but those are too few and too hard to come by.

6. I know about how Quran advocates peace and how there are moderate Muslims as well, but if everyone allows the fanatics to continue running the show and to keep portraying the ugly side of Islam to the world, it's hard not to hate it. Just like how Martin Luther challenged the church, there needs to be a dissent in the Muslim community now. A moderate voice that speaks out and leads the moderates against those who demand for blood and inequality in the name of Islam. Only that can Islam truly change and be a part in promoting the advancement of humanity.

7. Seems like there's a new MLM targeting university students through Linkedin (though I am not entirely sure), sending them messages asking them to be part of this new business venture, using fancy words like income diversification and entrepreneurs etc. Bleh.

8. Why on earth did I make this Twenty Random Thoughts instead of 10?

9. This article just confirmed everything that I have to fear. That university education is the fastest way to siphon off your money and to make money, provided if you own a university. But still, it's like a evil that says, "Hey, you want a decent earning job? Sure. But first you have to pay a shitload of money to get it." IRONY

10. Staying alone is a real pain in the ass. Especially when you're renting. Ugh

11. Moving house when your lease ends is even more painful. With all your belongings and stuff. And you have no idea what to throw

12. 12 is not the time I want to be sleeping at

13. I am going to be lazy, and stop at 13 today, because I need to sleep

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Goodnight.


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