Twenty Random Thoughts #110514

1. A lot has been mentioned about ISMA and Hudud in the past few days in Malaysia. Which all in all is very worrying, given how radical things are headed. Are we looking at the rise of a new Pakistan, Iran or Afghanistan in the Southeast Asia? Probably, given how the religious fire is constantly being stoked, without any action coming from those in power to put an end to it. Malaysia is headed down a very dangerous and uncertain path, that I could say

2. Speaking of religion, Brunei just passed the sharia law or hudud, in the same sense, as the national law. The implications are the same, stoning, limb being cut off and a host of other crazy consequences. Its Malaysian counterparts would surely use this as a bullet

3. And people wonder why more and more are starting to hate religion. Given how often direction in religions are implemented forcefully, without first consulting the normal population

4. I am in the midst of starting a gaming journal with four friends, and hopefully something will come out of it

5. The whole point behind the gaming journal is because we don't want gaming to become just an activity where we consume everything and waste our time without producing anything, so we have decided to just write random stuff about gaming, and see where that will take us

6. MH370 can now be officially classified as an unsolved mystery

7. How to make people hate their job less? Abolish Mondays

8. One thing bad about being in a foreign country is shifting houses. You need to rent a house and when it comes to shifting, it's a helluva of a headache. Not to mention the extravagant fees that you need to pay. My new house needed a 10000 SGD upfront just for rent. Speak about responsibilities

9. I am meeting new people at a phenomenal rate over the past few weeks, reminding me of the days of ICQ. I don't know why there's so much negative stigma in using technology to meet new people, but IT IS AMAZING. I think it works perfect for introverts like me

10. Two apps that I'm currently using is Paktor and OkCupid. One has all the mystery and requires you to flaunt it all out based on physical attractiveness, while the other tries to tease your personality apart and attempts to match you according to your personality. Both have their own merits and cons, I suppose

11. Hawken, while fun, is evil. It loves to throw you in losing team when you have a kill/death ratio of higher than 1, and my winning percentage is at a paltry 30%. Sad. Real sad. I have a 1.4 kill/death ratio though, which I guess it's kinda nice

12. Malcom in the Middle has the most perfect illustration of a successful love story ever. And not to mention family

13. I want to travel. But sadly I'm broke as hell. Refer to point 8

14. There are a lot of things that I have wished to done better, like my short tenure in my halls student council (JCRC), but I guess that's one of the many things one cannot change. It certainly helped me to grow a lot, and with those lessons I can see how bad I was when I first started. I guess this is why experience is important

15. Can't wait to watch X-Men: Days of Future past. Though I would have loved to see to Mystiques in action. Sadly there's just one. Still, it's Jennifer Lawrence

16. Bible study is starting to get fun. Hopefully it'll be a start to an awesome friendship

17. It has almost been a year since I started working. And it won't be long before I need to worry about marriage and earning enough to support a family. And thinking of where I could go

18. Where did all the time go?

19. My most immediate concern, however, is my masters. Oh why Psychology, waaaiiiii

20. And I'm now at 20. Which means I can now go sleep. Nights


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