All of us want the high. That one short moment of "I don't care". Where for a brief moment, we put our reality behind us, and escape into this dark refuge of the world. Under the pulsing light and heavy beats we danced, hands raised up, shouting to the music, not even sure of the meaning of the music they were playing. But on the dance floor we moved, together with the rest of the lonely or playful souls for tonight, all united by one purpose in life: to escape.

For that brief short moment, life almost seemed deceptively happy. The thoughts that bothered us were gone, at least for the moment, replaced by happy ones instead. Everything was suddenly fun, we did not care on how we looked to the world, we just let our emotions take control. Somehow, this seemed like the definition of happiness. Losing control of ourselves. Letting our more primitive side take over.

But like it or not, life would still come back. It waits for us in the corner as we hid momentarily with the help of the alcohol and loud music, ready to pounce on us back. Reality will crash unto us soon enough, and awkwardly reminds us that no amount of escaping would solve the problems and worries we are currently facing. Our own little refuge could only last us momentarily.
But for tonight, we don't care. No matter how sucky life was, tonight we forget about them. Tonight is the night where we let our real selves out, where we do not have to put on a mask and carry our way around. Tonight is where we all are friends, where we laugh hard and party hard, and where the boring stuff can sit outside of the room.

Because life can wait. At least for tonight.


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