The Many Stages of Drunk

I wonder if you're looking at the same moon tonight as me, and I wonder what you could be doing at this hour of the night too. But then I realize that it would just be plain emo to think of all those stuff so I decided to not care about it and go write a blog post instead.

P/s: This post is written under a half drunk condition, so pardon any grammatical error or stupid sentences that may come up. I'm just really to try to upload a post per day.

The Many Stages of Getting Drunk

1. The "Hey, I think I want to try this" sober stage

I think I'm bored. I think tonight would be better so I think I'm gonna drink something. You know just to get things going. So that I can dump all my issues to one side and just get high. Though I probably might not like the end result, but hey, it's now that all matters right

2. The "I want more stage!"

I'm starting to feel the effects kicking in yo. There's this little dizziness swinging up my head, and I'm beginning to open up a little more, letting lose my usual self. I think I may want more of this, so keep the alcohol flowing!

3. The High / Optimal Stage

Wheee! Life is fun! Life is awesome! I can dance to this beat all night! I don't care what I am doing now, as long as I am enjoying it! Dancing on the stage half naked? Kissing a totally random person that I would normally puke if I kiss during my normal life? That completely stupid act? No problem! Bring it own! I will regret about it tomorrow but what matters is I am happy! Clap along~~

4. The "Am I pass the  best stage?"

Hmm I think the effect is starting to wear off. Is this boredom or tiredness? Oh no, I think I need more to stay high! Another glass please

5. The Blueekkk Stage

Is that my stomach growling in discomfort. Is that what I think it is making its way through my throat. I think I'm feeling sick. I need to get this out! No matter where, inside your car, facing the toilet bowl or on the pavement, as long as I can just unleash all this discomfort out

6. The Amnesiac / Concussed Stage

I have no idea what I am doing in this stage. I have totally lost control. Everything is in snapshot rather than one continuous flow of memory. I would most probably forgot most of the things that is happening now. Such as me knocking into something, lying dead on the floor or me being dragged somewhere

7. The Hungover Stage

Ugh the headache.... Why do I drink again? OMG... did I just did what I think I did yesterday? I swear to God that this will be the last time I'll ever touch alcohol. Ouch...

1 Week Later...

I think I'm bored....

Note: Stages may vary according to individuals. Some may jump from Stage 1 all the way to Stage 6. Or the smell of alcohol itself could push you to Stage 7 straightaway


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