Reaction to News Around the World Today

1. Boko Haram and the 200 missing girls

No amount of hashtagging and awareness raising by us netizens are going to make any difference to the life of those 200 girls. We can bark all we want using our keyboards, but unless some painful measure is introduced to the Nigerian authorities, no concrete action will be taken. They have been lax for so long, and 200 girls on top of the thousands who are already killed will not make much of a difference. Unless of course, sanction hits.

Talking politicians never solves anything. We need the swiftest action here to be able to do something.

2. Ukraine's crisis

Is Russia involved, or is Russia really not involved now? It's getting confusing. I don't think that the votes to secede can be trusted, and I just think many self-declared pro-Russian leaders would just want the power from Russia (free leadership position), so they organize chaos in hopes of getting it

3. Thailand's crisis

Thailand oh Thailand. When can you just stop fighting against each other and make it safe for me to visit Bangkok again?


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