[Movie Review] The Amazing Spiderman 2

"Andrew Garfield is a dick to his friends and his promises," - Lukey, after watching the Amazing Spiderman 2.

The Amazing Spiderman is a fest of visual orgasm, I'd give it that, especially when you're watching it in 3D. The shots of him swinging through the New York skyline and the scenes where he was fighting Electro were more than enough to make your jaw drop. The 3D effects were done pretty nicely for a superhero action movie, that I can say, and it was not disappointing.
Perhaps what the movie did best was the portrayal of Electro himself (after the transformation of course, before that he was just some weird guy with psychotic problems). The powers he exhibits as well as how it is portrayed was especially entertaining, both visually and aurally. The fight sequences themselves were exciting, though I must complain that for a two hour movie, they were kinda few and far between.

However, while the visual effects and the comic relief provided by Andrew Garfield were fun to watch, I feel that they themselves did not really sustain the entire movie.

I felt that the whole movie was bouncing on and off whether Peter Parker should be with Gwen Stacey, with him being the most indecisive man that I have ever seen, and it kinda drags the entire pace down. Of course there were several themes that the movie tries to address, like Peter's relationship with his father, which I kinda hoped would be given a deeper highlight, and his friendship with Henry Osborn, but those were given a cosmetic touch without going in depth into it.

Many of the events in the movie was also heavily foreshadowed, in that it kinda spoils itself (alright I get it already what you want to do at the end of the movie, can you stop throwing it into my face already?). You kinda know who the villain will be, what their motives are and what will be the epic twist at the end of the movie, which kinda sucked the fun away.

I remember watching The Amazing Spiderman 1 and feeling the struggle of Dr. Connors / Lizard in doing what he did, but in this sequel, the villains were more flat and not given much of a development to begin with. It feels that their motives and characteristics were copied directly from the Hollywood handbook of villains.

I feel that the best part of the movie was during the final half an hour of the movie where all the big fights are and where the main message and exploration of the movies theme come in, but other than that the movie isn't exactly big on its storyline. It almost feels like a romance movie to me more than a superhero movie, which I guessed from the majority of reaction why girls like it so much. Andrew Garfield feels like the next Edward Cullen, only that he wears spandex this time.

And oh, notice how in every superhero movie, the amount of casualty on screen is always less than 5 people? I'm serious. Despite the amount of havoc that Electro have wrecked, only less than 5 people died on screen. Such a fairy tale movie huh... oh wait...

Still it's quite a fun movie to watch, given the visual effects *swoons* itself. Do consider 3D.

Lukey's Rating: 7/10


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