I'm gonna be a "entrepreneur"!

Remember a few days ago where I talked about this guy who contacted me through Linkedin about some e-commerce business opportunities, and invited me to be a "part of his team"?

Well, I sorta forgotten that I have given my number to him a few days ago, and he gave me a call today to "talk" about his business. By "talk" I mean that he's actually inviting me to coffee so he could "explain" more about his business to me. 

It's kinda strange though, because in the entire five minutes of the talk, he did not at all mentioned about what his business, so called Something-Worldwide Marketing (which email account was amusingly parked under Gmail), was doing. All he said during the conversation was he has this business going, that he needed more help, that he already has dozens of NUS, NTU and SMU graduates working under him, and he needed my "expertise" (if he meant expertise in sleeping perhaps) in expanding his team. He said that he was no giving promises though on whether I could be on his team, even though I did not asked for any, which sounded more like a well rehearsed sales pitch to create this air of exclusivity surrounding his "business". Classic marketing technique, to be honest.

When I asked whether his business required recruiting any members or whether I need to "buy" any products, he vehemently denied it, and said that his business was a legitimate business, not some illegal ones. And he insisted that he would not require any capital from me at all (I am so going to mark this down), and told me that everything will be clear after I have a coffee with him.

I'm not sure if he's worried that my phone would be bugged or what, and that all his trade secrets would be out, but since he's going to buy me a free coffee (and hopefully a free dinner in the meantime, though it'll only be at McDonald's) I decided to just head down and listen to what he is going to say. Hopefully what he is going to say does not involve selling stuff, recruiting people and "success stories" of dudes like me who owned a BMW by the age of 25, or I'll be awfully disappointed. But not surprised.

A few friends of mine have highlighted that this is the new modus operandi of MLMs, but since I am trained to give the benefit of the doubt, I am going to go down and see what kind of "expertise" he would need of me. Strange right, because when I asked, "So what exactly that you are needing me to do?", he has the balls to ask me back, "So, have you got any experience in e-commerce business before?".

I'm so going to have so much fun this Saturday.


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