Twenty Random Thoughts #260414

1. Steamboat seems fun when you first start, but ends up getting pretty torturous at the end.

2. It's fun being a photographer/videographer, but the capital that you need to raise before being able to freelance professionally can feed an entire village for a month. Might be better to start off as a Youtuber first

3. Minecraft: Where every player can be divided into designers, engineers and people who probably shouldn't be playing Minecraft. I'm in the third. So I got relegated to build roads

4. Life: Where you spend the majority of time regretting about the actions that you have done

5. If we are all able to spend time in virtually simulated environments, we probably wouldn't want to leave

6. If you are going to spend all your time worrying about religion and who is right versus who is wrong, you will never progress. Take Malaysia for example and the latest fiasco with the hudud

7. Internet dating seemed to be fun, it allows you to meet so many people at any one time, but there seems to be a very huge taboo associated with it. It's like when you tell people you're thinking of trying internet dating, and everyone is like "You are that desperate to try that?". I find that confusing, given how people normally use the expression that there are other fishes in the sea, but if you're gonna sulk at one corner, how are you going to find all those fishes? Hope that one will drop by next to you? Now that's wishful thinking.

8. And surprisingly, of all the people I've chatted with (yes I admit that I have been trying apps like Paktor), almost everyone seemed to have at least a polytechnic diploma or university degree. Which was quite surprising, to be honest. Not as bad as how some painted it to be

9. Inadvertently stumbling unto pictures of you and your ex can inadvertently bring up a short pang of heartache

10. Passion. Where you need to constantly add fuel to it to keep it burning

11. Work without passion is dead boring

12. People who have high pay complain of their job being stressful, but people with meaningful jobs complain about their job being lowly paid. It's hard to find someone who has it all balanced. If you are one of the balanced ones, NEVER leave your job

13. How fun would life be if it allows you to relive your past again, and allows you to correct the mistakes that you have made. Or try out another path in life

14. But then again that wouldn't be called life, it would merely be reloading your save files

15. Responsibility: The one thing that we all cannot see when we say that we cannot wait to grow up when we're still children

16. Facebook: The excellent place for you to experience how jealousy feels like. Also a place where you attempt to make others jealous of you

17. Never trust a shop that attempts to advertise itself as "King" of something. A person who often finds the need to boast may have very little credence to back it up

18. Psychologists: Where we are widely mistaken to be able to read other people's mind, but the truth is we may be just as confused (sometimes even more) than everyone is

19. Unpaid leaves somehow gets more painful as your salary increases

10. Transcendence, why must you have such bad reviews even before I had a chance to give you a chance?


  1. //How fun would life be if it allows you to relive your past again, and allows you to correct the mistakes that you have made. Or try out another path in life.//

    Try time travel. :D


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