Twenty Random Thoughts #030414

No blog post tonight. Mainly because I was saving the galaxy. But to prevent myself from slipping into a no blog post cycle, I am going to post 20 thoughts snippets. 

1. Days are spent mostly in the same way. I come back home determined to sleep early, only to sleep way past my intended time, wake up the next day like a zombie, promising myself to sleep early again, only to have the entire cycle repeat itself. I need more time.

2. I have a feeling that MH370 may never be found back. People are eventually going to give up and move on, a gradual process of course, and the plane is going to be relegated into one of history's unsolved mysteries. Until someone accidentally stumbles unto it, of course.

3. There are several reasons Mass Effect is awesome, and should be played only when you have loads of time. The sheer epicness is one of them.

4. Tomorrow I am going to write about gaming and money, and why it is both difficult and easy to earn a career through gaming as well. But tomorrow.
5. Life has been pretty directionless. Both relationship-wise and career-wise.

6. I want to be a psychologist, but somehow I am beginning to have doubts on myself, as well as the immense hurdles to get one licensed. One needs to have a frigging masters to practice psychology, which means more money and time needs to be wasted. I am not sure if my passion is enough to sustain me, or whether it is slowly dying

7. I have no idea what I want with the relationships around me. I have literally have 0 close friends around me now. If this was me a few years ago, I would have wrote another emo long blog post. But I have grown indifferent to it, so I am not going to care

8. One bad thing about being a foreigner here in Singapore is that you constantly have to move place to stay (unless you're rich enough). I have two options, move closer to my work place and live alone, or live with friends and face the stressful work commute everyday. Making decisions is tough. I hate it.

9. Work is pretty dominating my life right now. With no clear direction in sight. Confused and lost may be a better word. Word of advise, when looking for work, find a place where everything is clear and laid out. Especially if you're not a take charge type of person. Or else you have to craft a path for yourself, which isn't exactly pleasant because it will put yourself on a collision course with many people. Not to mention the high probability of failure as well.

10. But then again, being safe means you'll go nowhere. And sometimes, you must create opportunity for yourself rather than waiting for it to come by

11. Every success in life takes an enormous amount of hardwork, and an enormous amount of hard work makes one uncomfortable. It makes you awkward, tired and stressed. It's not called the comfort zone for no reason. But the comfort zone also equals stagnation. Depends on what you want to choose

12. Two interesting blogging opportunities dropped in my email today. Both are amusing

13. Sony offered me a 15 minutes peak into Spiderman 2 instead of offering a full preview like every other studio does, which I find it mildly intriguing. Are they looking to save money (kiam siap), or are they hoping that our curiosity would make us write better posts? I have no idea.

14. A glass selling website offered me 30 SGD to shop on their website and write a post. I went to their website, an average glass cost 50 to 200 SGD. So in addition to me spending money that I otherwise won't spend, they want me to write. Not sure if they want to save money, or they just wanna cheat people.

15. But then again, I cannot complain, because this blog is an average blog. With an average 50+ views per post. Which is very little by industry standards. After all this while, I have come to the realization that my style of writing only appeals to a certain amount of people. That, or there's some fundamentally wrong aspects in my writing. Like keep missing grammar mistakes, for example.

16. Japan has finally been ordered to abandoned their whaling trade, which is good. For everything that Japan is good at, their stupid whaling industry makes them look barbaric and evil.

17. I am four points away, and this makes it three.

18. Found out today that Indonesian horror films have a strong resemblance to porn movies. At least their posters are. Told by my Indonesian friend when we were discussing about the banning of the latest movie Noah. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Below are examples of Indonesian horror movie posters

19. I have a slight urge to watch Indonesian horror films right now

20. Google released 150 Pokemons into their map yesterday. I only managed to reach 50.

And I'm going to sleep.


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