The 7 Types of People You Shouldn't Date, Lukey Style

I have ranted about all the relationship articles that tried to sell the idea of a magic relationship secret advice once upon a time ago, you know, all the Thought Catalog and Elite Daily articles, but this one takes the cake. Or icing. Whatever.

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The post was written by one inezkayla, who I assumed to be either Singaporean or Malaysian, which I cannot even begin to list down the number of what's wrong with the post. Other than choosing to sprinkle her post with loads of capital letters and angry sentences, one biggest irony that stood out was how she commits one of her very own sin that she listed out on her blog (hints: grammatical error). But lets not get into character assassination, shall we?
Given how everyone has passionately written on this topic, I decided to once again to give in to peer pressure, and write one myself in an attempt to gain more fame (inezkayla's last tweet seemed to suggest she enjoyed the attention). 

So here you go. The 6 Types of People That You Should Never Ever Date.

7. Those who write articles about people who you should not date

Because seriously, have you seen these articles that these people post up? Relationships are never black and white, nor clearly defined (or else we all would have a standardized curriculum for it now, and no one would ever need to be sad), but these people write as if they know the secret to relationships. If you take the effort to tease apart the things that they mentioned, it's mostly one sided, based on their own perspective on life. 

Get cheated by a guy who happens to be a banker, and suddenly all bankers are not to be trusted. If anything, this group of people are just unhappy that they got dumped, and rather than looking at themselves, they rather blame it on the other side, labeling their exes as people you should not date instead. If there's anyone that you should not date, it's those who always thinks that others are at fault, and then proceeds to write one long article on the internet about it.

Wait, that would include me too. Shit.

6. People who can talk

All arguments in relationships start with a simple fact: People talking back. Or people talking, in any sense. Be it to ask you a question that you do not want to answer ("Where have you been last night?") or to answer a trick question ("I was with my mistress, happy?"), or even to complain ("I think your hairstyle doesn't suit our relationship"), I think we can all agree that everything unhappy from a relationship comes from one thing: talking. And we all know people who can talk will abuse that privilege to complain or voice their unhappiness n their relationship, which is both detrimental and could lead to break ups as well.

So find someone who cannot talk. Instead of coming to you straight and opening their mouths, a non-verbal partner must first find a solution to the problem first before coming to you. And by the time your partner comes to you, the problem may have disappeared or may have been replaced by another problem altogether, like why you never listen. Best of all, you will get all the air time in the relationship without having your partner talk back to you!

People who know sign languages are included in this category as well.

5. People who think that a specific attribute of themselves is better. Like their command of English, for example

Need I say more about this? The last thing you would want from your partner is their mentality that they are superior in comparison to you. I don't think there's a need to stress why equality in a relationship is important, where both sides are treated as equal rather than one being better than the another. Heck, I think this principle where everyone is equal applies to everywhere as well, not just a relationship.

And one should be really worried when your partner thinks that he/she is full of himself/herself. Might be a sign of narcissism, which can never be good for a relationship. Because your partner loves himself/herself more than you

4. Anyone who has been in a relationship before

They say that one could never really forget out first love, as well as our exes. Anyone who has an ex before runs a risk of using you as a rebound relationship, not to mention the risk of them still holding on to their previous love(s). And there's also the risk of the famously dreaded, "Last time my ex used to do this..."

If you're going to have someone, make sure their heart only belongs to you.

3. Anyone who has never been in a relationship before

When you're going into a important tournament, the competition of your life, would you take someone who is new and totally inexperienced? Totally no! Be it a DOTA tournament or a netball match, you need someone who has the experience before. A person who knows what to expect, the more experience the better, so that both of you can navigate the relationship better. You would have know what works and what not, so you can better apply it in this current relationship No need to start from scratch again and end up with loads of loses or pain

2. Anyone who dares question point 3 and 4

Because relationships are complicated, deal with it. And if you're confused, maybe you should not be reading articles like this at all

1. Humans, in general

Have you even seen how humans act? Ever since we started our journey on earth, life has been nothing but full of carnage, misery and negative stuff. When you come to think of it, humans are perhaps the most destructive and self-absorbed species that you can find. Case in point being that even if we are all wiped out, Earth could still thrive happily without us. Heck, it would even flourish!

Everything that we do, from our technological advancements to our desire for relationships, are done in the sole purpose of self preservation and advancement. Do you really want to date such a selfish species like the humans?

So there you have it. My views. You are free to disagree or agree with it, as long as you post it to your wall, make some happy/angry comments and drive traffic to my site. Thank you!

P/s: I do think that there are some universal characteristics of people that we should never ever date, like abusers, but I think that we have tried to decode relationship so much that it has gotten to the point of being ridiculous


  1. Hahaha loved the read (Y) (Y) I do agree these relationship posts are pretty useless meant only to entertain and be laughed at hahaha.


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