Prank Your Friends Into Committing An Environmental Act and Win Yourself A Holiday!

LUKE: There's a unique environmental campaign going on right now organized by the Thinking Cube from Singapore Polytechnic, where you can "prank" your friends into doing something good for the environment, or stop their bad habits. They'll be having an event this Saturday 19 April at Scape, in collaboration with NEA, so be sure to check them out! There's also cool prizes to be won too!

Think April Fools’ Day is over? The real pranksters never rest - prepare to find out how “green” you are from the closest people around you – your friends. Starting 18 April 2014, the public will get to send their environmental “pranks” to their friends using postcards with the month-long campaign Eco After Me.

Ms Melissa Lim, 21, co-founder of The Thinking Cube, said, “Like most others, my friends’ advice carry more weight and I’m more likely to take it to heart. I also tend to get exceptionally excited when I receive a postcard, because it’s such a personal and heart-warming experience. We hope to recreate both elements with our Eco After Me campaign by surprising receivers with a postcard that comes with an environmental message from their friends.”
Melissa Lim, Lim Li Yi, Ong Ting En and Lyrenna Loh are Media and Communication graduates from Singapore Polytechnic. They founded The Thinking Cube, while working with the National Environment Agency (NEA) during one of their final year projects. Upon realising that the youth are too preoccupied to change their habits for the environment, they were inspired to create a positive environmental campaign that can better nudge the youths in changing their habits.

Mr Tan Bee Thiam, course chair of the Diploma in Media and Communication in Singapore Polytechnic, agreed, “Aside from standing commitments to school, family and friends, youth want to keep up with the Internet and also have to manage their social media obligations. They may have difficulty finding enough time to care.”

In The Thinking Cube’s research of different environmental campaigns, they found that many environmental campaigns only present doom and gloom messages and this may not be effective to a public that has become used to the idea of environmental degradation. “What’s missing is a compelling call to action” said Melissa, “and what’s more compelling than a cheeky challenge from our best friends?”

“My team’s goal was to put a positive twist on environmental issues to find out if this can be more engaging to our peers. We also challenged ourselves to find a way to get the youth to send the environmental message to each other.” Melissa added.

The team embarked on their journey to introduce environmental consciousness more positively. They will be launching Eco After Me in conjunction with NEA’s Youth for the Environment Day. Eco After Me will allow
their peers to anonymously send personalised postcard pranks to their friends. They can also challenge their friends to change their bad environmental habits.

Mr Wilson Yeoh, one of the first supporters of Eco After Me and President of the Conservation Interest Group in Republic Polytechnic, said, “My club is supporting Eco After Me because it provides a refreshing spin to the usually mundane topics of environmental campaigns and allows me to remind my peers
easily. I hope more of my friends will Eco After Me!”

LUKE: There's three contests organized as well, where you can win some cool prizes as well, including a stay in Wanderlust Hotel!

How to participate?
1. Take a snapshot of you and your friend attempting the Eco Challenge
together, as well as the postcard prank you have received.
2. Email the photo together with both of your personal particulars to
3. Once the photo has been uploaded onto our Facebook page, get your
friends to ‘like’ it and the photo with the highest number of likes will walk
away with the Grand Prize of $200 City Square Mall Shopping Vouchers
+ 2D1N Stay at Wanderlust Hotel.
4 consolation prizes ($50 City Square Mall Shopping Vouchers) will also be
given out to remaining participants who fall under the Top 5.

[FACEBOOK CONTEST]: Story Sharing contest
How to participate?
1. A postcard photo will be posted onto our Facebook page. To participate,
participants have to share about why they decided to send a postcard
challenge to his/her (food/water/plastic/paper/ electricity)-wasting friend.
2. The 3 best comments chosen by the management team will be featured
as stories on our page, and they will win prizes worth up to $30.

[WEBSITE CONTEST]: Send a Postcard
How to participate?
1. Send a postcard prank through Eco After Me website
( and stand a chance to win a $100 worth of City
Square Mall vouchers + 2D1N stay at Wink Hostel.
2. Receivers who post up their challenge on Facebook will also stand a
chance to win $100 worth of City Square Mall vouchers.
3. Prizes for the programme were sponsored by Wink Hostel, Wanderlust,
Toby’s Estate, LINS Smoodees, Xscape, Gong Cha and The Paper Stone.

Eco After Me Facebook page at


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