NoQ Store Review and Giveaway

Visiting a bookstore is always fun. You spend hours upon hours lost in the multitude of books, discovering new writers and new worlds, accompanied by the smell of new books. It's like a mini adventure of itself, exploring books unknown, ending with that mini jump in your heart when you finally make the purchase.

However, you don't always have the chance to visit the bookstore. There could be various reasons from being busy to the lack of good bookstores near your place (I have to travel one hour to reach a decent enough bookstore). Sometimes, you might want to eagerly buy only one book, and tat particular bookstore may not have the title you are searching for.

And that's when an online bookstore might come in handy.

NoQ (a very interesting play of name to mean No Queue lol) is one of the largest online bookstore in Asia Pacific, being the e-commerce arm of the Times Publishing group. With over 14 million books in its collection, you can practically find anything that you want in its website.

Other than different book genres ranging from cooking to science fiction to graphic novels, NoQ store also offers other products such as audio CDs and as well as reading accessories. You can browse the collection of books in the store with the simple click of the mouse and from the comfort of your home, with the ease of having the books delivered straight to your doorstep.

Perhaps the best feature of NoQ that I find is that I could search for books that are tough to find in bookstores nowadays.

Case in point. I have been searching for the longest time for one of Donald Miller's first book, Blue Like Jazz having lost mine initially (I swore never to lend my books to friends who do not appreciate it again). But being a rather old book, and a spiritual one at that, it was hard to find in any bookstores. I searched high and low for it, in various bookstores, but to no avail. And soon after, I gave up.

But out of curiousity, with a dash of hope, I decided to try it on NoQ today, and guess what?

Tons of it. All my years of hard work resolved in one click.

The interface at the website is smooth too, and isn't too confusing to navigate. I managed to get 3 books in total before in just 15 minutes, and I had to soon stop myself from buying too much in a go. Payment is easy as well if you have credit cards or Paypal, and I pretty much have no complaint about the entire experience. Now all I have to do is just for my 3 books to arrive (getting really excited about it).

Best of all, NoQ has graciously decided to give all of lukeyishandsome(dot)com's readers a 15% off all books as part of their website promotion. Simply enter LUKEY during checkout to enjoy the 15% off. Hopefully you'll be able score some pretty neat books too for your viewing pleasure!


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